A con-man without the con

I would want people to see me as a continuation (Exodus 3:6, 15; 4:5 and others alike) as one who received that covenant passed from Abraham (God's beloved) to Isaac (GOD's Choice) to me (GOD's servant). I would like to be seen so (Exodus 2:24; Leviticus 26:42; 2 Kings 13:23; Acts 7:8 and others alike). I would also like people to look beyond the issue of being a man who supplants (Genesis 27:36) or a wrestler (Genesis 32: 24 & 25) to being a human who strives, thrives and tries over and over again to please GOD and stay righteous (Genesis 35:2) by GOD's Standards.

The Reality of Absurdity: praise for Nudity (An interview) 2

what was the implication of that? Was it seduction? Was it for the purpose of sexual intoxication? Was it for go and human glorification? Did JESUS do that to be acclaimed beautiful? Did HE affirm beautification from nudity? The concept of nudity at crucifixion - with specific emphasis on garment, being cast lots upon, was to fulfil prophecy (Psalms 22:18).

“GOD demands A lot of Value”

When JESUS says we ought to love the LORD with all our mind, we are to love GOD with the consciousness of our life. We are to love GOD with the control of our lives. We are to love GOD with the drive of our lives, our motivation, our inspiration, our command of life. What we take charge of, our decisions, and what we set out to do should reflect the love we have for GOD.


When the devil seeks to derail a soul with the quenching desire of this world, it is to take us away from the purpose of loving GOD with what defines us. When we love the world, we forget to love GOD, we forget how to love GOD, our love for GOD is not defined. The definition of love for GOD is found in loving GOD with our souls: loving GOD by being able custodians of HIS concept for our lives, loving GOD By keeping HIS thoughts in us, by dressing HIS life in us.