Answering the Question of HOW: A Letter

BOND 328

Dear Agbájégoríìté,

I’m finally going to write you this letter but it’s not going to be how I expected it to be. How…what a funny way to start. I expected it to be on grander premise, a more elaborate medium, maybe; something to wow the senses and give the shrills, something to sponsor the thrills. Much like our collective perspective of Angels, when we want a magic trick which we safely tuck in-between our prayers. Sometimes, if you’ll agree, when we set our plans in motions (most times without GOD) and we hope to get HIM onboard after the plane has taken off, we are doing the exact same thing: asking GOD to skip the ideal process for our sake. When we go our way and expect GOD to follow, we are equally asking GOD to create the hours of the day without separating light from darkness, first.

Anyway, that aside. I started this letter, in hopes to talk about the mechanism. The question of HOW, the answer we so often wish to forget or ignore. Have you ever asked yourself where doubt comes from just after you’ve decided that you are sure about a thing? It’s because we need to give an answer to the question of “how”.

How are you? How is your life? These scratch the surface of sincerity.

How are you a Christian? How do you define success? How were you created? How did life come to be? How do you attain peace and faith or peace through faith? And now, we are thriving to swim in the ocean.

How do you live a life you did not create? How do you convince death to leave? How do you live the best of life and not hurt the rest of life? How do you get to heaven with feeble flesh? How do you know there’s GOD? Now, you are deep-sea diving. It’s always this one issue when it comes to definition: how.

For the Christian, “how” addresses the process in its entirety and even though we can affirm that we would not know everything and the mechanisms that bring them, we are left to contend with the very crack in our faith when asked the process of it all. But not the Christian alone. Ask how the big bang happened…oh-yes, we are getting somewhere. You’ll be asked how GOD happened, too, and then we can all begin to scratch at the very feebleness of our wits. But one of us would be closer if we took opposing sides – that’s for sure.

Ife, the truth is, it’s one point that holds the crusts together: how. For Eve to get deceived, all the serpent did was give an unsolicited lecture on “How To be in the Image and Likeness of GOD by being like GOD”. Another truth is that humanity is selectively desirous to know how: how it would benefit us or preserve us or how it would save us or protect us but we need to ask this question for everything. How can creation be completed with me in it? How can life be worth it at the end of life? How can I be whole? How can I please GOD? How?

When we ask how in hopes to complete definition, what we seek to do is eradicate any screw out of place; we seek to repair the missing link which could severe us from completion. When we ask how – beyond our fears of finding out the true answers – we would be conquering this very notion of addressing the procedure to the answer just as much as the answer. If you had a math teacher like mine in Secondary School, you’ll realise that attention to detail comes with the great responsibility to accountability and progression and not just attention to the destination in isolation.

In the end, how I write this is just as important as what I’ve written – not just to help me refine the art but keep it in its circle of improvement. Ife, if we must be better than we already are, if we must be the best that GOD has ordained us to be then we must be willing to know how. As a radical Christian, I’ll turn you to the creator if you have to live in creation; I’ll turn you to CHRIST if you have to be a splendid Christian; I’ll turn you to origin if you must be original; I’ll turn you to GOD, if you must be essentially human; I’ll turn you to the beginning, if you must get (to) the end. We get how by the journey: reflecting on the premise between where we were and where we were meant to be in line with where we are, in this threshing moment. I’ll leave it here, for now.

The rains are coming.

Olatunde Ọbáfémì

Have a glorious new year ahead (I’m graciously referring to your birthdate). Shalom, brother.

One thought on “Answering the Question of HOW: A Letter

  1. Wow!!! To think that my identity will see the light of Gods bond Man is a privilege I do not take for granted. Answering the question “How”. The part where you alluded to the Garden of Eden strikes a cord. I earnestly pray for God’s grace to live a Christ-like life. Thanks for the birthdate wish. Peace.

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