Coming out of Darkness

BOND 329

To create, to innovate, to deliberate, to step out of the hate, we must see beyond the darkness.

I’m not surprised that GOD had to disperse darkness, first; because darkness refuses change and beginnings. In darkness we’re all perfect – even if we are not; we are all of great effect – even if we are naught; we are in no need of forgiveness because in darkness, we have not sinned. In darkness, we are all perfect: we don’t see our impressions, or imperfections; in darkness we have no flaws, no need for correction. If humanity says it is perfect in its default descent away from morality, it is because we are in darkness.

Close your eyes and if I closed mine, we’ll both see nothing; in close eyes, in darkness, you don’t know if I’m frowning as I say sweet words. In darkness, we cannot judge – except we feel and what we feel is sometimes as good as being blind. But some may say that, “I’m wise”; yet, if they remain in darkness, they are only less blind and “less blind” doesn’t make you less of anything but blind.

Humanity loves the blindness – make no mistakes. We are innately in love with nothingness. There is this comfort that comes with the darkness: the bliss of ignorance, the charade of near-perfection, the joy of supposed perfection, the isolation that breeds an uncertain state, the timelessness, the stillness that comes with darkness, the clueless introspection of darkness. In darkness, we have no vision beyond darkness, we have no need for form. In darkness I can say that I am what I am not and you can do the same thing without fear of being seen for who we truly are. In darkness, we hide, stay hidden and unseen – deep in our need to be seen. We can cover sin in a cloak of righteousness, we can fight guilt with a stilt of silence; we can uncover weaknesses and not be ashamed – not because we are healing but because it would not be wrong as long as we are in darkness. In darkness, there is this freedom that cages us to assumption. There is a lot of assumption in darkness, a lot is missing in our perspectives.

To live in darkness, we would find our motions lead us to stumble, we also see our emotions lead us to a rumble and dead ends; without guidance, in darkness, we are oblivious of what is before us so that when someone – who is not in darkness – says, “see, behold the works of GOD”, we see nothing. In darkness, we don’t see GOD for who GOD is and in the end, we become defiant because we are deficient in seeing the shape of GOD in all that GOD has created.

In darkness, our form of righteousness is void; humanity without salvation, without the light of GOD cannot believe the true state of divine expectation. If we must be who we were ordained to, if we must see pass these divisions that darkness has established, if we must go beyond this incarceration that darkness has ordered, we must step out of the void; come out of the darkness, become separated from darkness and come into the light. In darkness, we can make light of the power of light but we know and we can also witness the power of light to put darkness away.
In conquest, light is stronger than darkness when light is present. For this, JESUS brings light as a present of restoration. HE brings light as the edict of salvation: to set the captives free from darkness, to open blind eyes, to show forth the goodness of GOD, to bring to our vision the wonder of color to life. All that redemption does, is to bring light to darkness; to some, the light in the emptiness of darkness, to give form to the void and give grace to avoid going back to the darkness.

Come out, separate yourself from the darkness. See beyond the state that GOD is unseen, step away – let the enlightenment break the darkened understand – as JESUS orders the steps by HIS Voice: from uncertainty to guarantee of life – not death – for all eternity, with the giver of life, HIMSELF, GOD.

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