Defining the Tongue

BOND 330

Before we condemn the tongue, it is ideal that we learnt from it. If the tongue is an evil and necessary as it is, then we must understand this necessity and utilise it to the benefit of existence from calamity. So what is the tongue aside that great evil which is little and causes great danger from little sparks.

The Tongue is Fire.

The tongue is that which consumes; it consumes the taste of pleasure, it separates bitter from sweet; the tongue is endowed to judge between what is good and evil and if it chooses evil, it is only because evil had a package that looked good to have. The tongue consumes the body because of what it would consume and when this happens, we see the human measuring pleasure in higher measure by leisure from the seizure from error.

The tongue burns; when it burns, it is ablaze because of consumptions. If we need to define desire, we can turn to the tongue and taste it. We can say this because the tongue is a mechanism that burns; but “burning” brews a difficult thing to process because it energizes. When the tongue energizes, it burns and when it burns it convenes material perception into a motivation for motion and with motion comes friction and in friction is life. In the tongue, we can witness emotion, raw and in its wildest form.

The tongue – as fire – purifies. Yes, there are days when the tongue stands for what is true and proclaims the truth though it burns to say truth with a mechanism of predominant lies. It fine-tunes for good, all that is evil, the tongue, purifies a path of worth by breaking in bits all unworthy elements. When the tongue is sanctified, then peace is satisfied in our bones.

The Tongue is Sin

It is a rising tower of iniquity, a tool by which humanity – by wit or without wit – causes a rift and separation from GOD. Look again! What has brought us far from GOD than the tongue: a fire, a desire, a tire – rolling in flames of desire; a liar…

With the tongue, we confirm sin, we conform to sin; we affirm sin and say nothing against sin; we celebrate sin and calibrate sin upon our bodies. With the tongue we desecrate temple walls and make dirty the temple without restrains established originally for GOD and by GOD.

By the tongue, we decree what is not expedient and in the absence of expedience is sin; embedded in our soles.

The Tongue is a Leader

Let’s say a representation of the human. By the tongue, we know the conclusion of the meditation of the soul. By the tongues we are informed of the state of the mental concept of life. By the tongue, we witness the borders of weakness and by the tongue, we confirm the finesse of righteousness. The tongue sets a path for all of the body to follow; what the tongue speak is a finality of intention; what the tongue says is what is done.

It is for this reason that if the tongue is in error, the whole being is in error.

What is the tongue: the tongue is the conclusion of the nature of humanity. The tongue is that which test the virtue of humanity. If we are apart from GOD, it is by the tongue; if we are a part of GOD, it is by the tongue.

The tongue is me and you and all of us: our being.

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