The Gospel According to Judas (Part One)

Bond 332

What I’m about to say, here, isn’t funny; but that’s good, because even GOD isn’t laughing. Prepare your wrong doctrine to get thrown away. Thank you, in advance.

I think it’s time we said it plainly: the truth irks at the fact that we have many versions of this one good thing called the gospel. I believe it’s bad that we have a good number of people trying so desperately – for whatever self-obsessed reason – to leave an imprint on the gospel; resulting in an infusion of the flesh on the very work of the spirit in us. In the end, we have inaccurate translations of the truth which – when further studied – are interpretations to suit our worldviews whereas, truth has no relative respect for what the world views.

I also believe that the variations are one thing to acknowledge but we must be ready to face the truth that in a contest such as this, only one can be right or nearest to truth. Take for instance the difference between the fate of Judas and Peter after both successful betrayals of JESUS. While one turned to repentance and a total change of course, the other tolled to solve the problem by the work of self unto righteousness.

Again, like I said in a bond before this one: If you could save yourself by yourself, you wouldn’t be in the need of salvation in the first place. If humanity – by itself, collectively or individually – had an answer or key to salvation, we would not need salvation or a saviour or a means to any of these, in the first place.

But I’ll like to run through what the gospel according to Judas is all about. I’ve always wanted to say it this way. It’s the most common version we have right now; disturbingly popular, perversely acclaimed, welcomed by many, deserted by few; broad gates and large arenas to battle truth with well-crafted lies.

The first thing to see in this version of the gospel – wrong as it is – is that it preaches a self-healing and self-reliant message. It sums its interest as “you can be happy only because you make it happen”. It prospers an independence from GOD by supposed validating this separation with a twist in the word of GOD.

The gospel of Judas promotes the reinstatement of the instinct of the man while refuting the distinct call of GOD’s nature embedded in the soul. This alternate gospel preaches that man is enough: to decide for the being of man. What’s the calamity? The one that refers to two differing perspectives where my survival needs your destruction to be. This false gospel states the very edict of confusion beautifully well even if we don’t see it at first glance. It encourages the savagery, the desperation, the validation of others as motivation for well-being, it inputs selfish stability and hostility as a measure for high-minded pleasure.

This false teaching says, “live for you (or due for you – if need be), leave GOD for what you want; you can do as you wish because you are not accountable for your actions. This falsehood alienates the thought of GOD from our conscious deliberation until we adhere to sin deliberately.

So for Judas, it seemed that taking the life which he had not given himself was the only way to escape the penalty of betraying the truth. It was his way of being saved and we can learn from this: our way of being saved always leads to death whereas we are in dire need of life.

To be continued

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