The Gospel According to Judas (Part Two)

Bond 333

Continuing from PART ONE

One crucial issue I find offensive from the gospel of Judas is the compromise for surrender that ricks when there is a denial of JESUS CHRIST as the only way to GOD. If you believe in JESUS then you cant refute that HE is the final answer for “How To Get to GOD”.

If we were not off track, GOD wouldn’t need to send JESUS in the first place. What this alternative gospel affirms is that we all worship one GOD…while we don’t, Eve we did, it shouldn’t be at your terms! Judas!

Those who preach this gospel have issues agreeing with the fact that all but one way to GOD are wrong. Anyway the issue is not just the lack of faith in such complacent preaching but the fact that it tends to be buried between words. Those who peach this false gospel don’t come out and out-rightly say, “I don’t believe in JESUS” or that HE can save me from my hell. They simply imply…the cowardice and suicide of faith is what strikes as a fruit by which we can know.

When you water the gospel with the undiluted quest for money and possessions at the expense of the soul and then go on to kill the conscience by tying it to a rope of desires and world-accepted cultures – which negate GOD’ Divine law over existence – you are a preaching the gospel according to Judas. You don’t need a pulpit to speak faith and live by it.

The last thing I want to say on this is where you see people sell JESUS for silver and gold and money – in general – or say that until you pay, you don’t get served with a potion of redemption, you’ve met an apostle of the gospel of Judas. When we sell JESUS, for whatever price it might be, we are betraying HIM and even if we show Him public love with a kiss, we are working the ways of Satan when we secretly plot the downfall of the true gospel of the salvation of the soul.

If you preach the gospel of JUDAS, your master isn’t JESUS but Hades. Where hell is separation from GOD, we have become exalted towers of Babel, reaching out to GOD In our own ways and neglecting HIS Way to get to HIM.

All who preach this wrong gospel are always cast down (Lucifer) or scattered (Babel) or led to their end (Judas, himself)


Preach the gospel that you have received from the beginning. That JESUS is lord and living by HIS Word gives life: an eternal life without extinguishable effect. Go figure…

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