Contention with Empty Pages: The Writing Process

BOND 334

I believe I share – even for a little potion as it is – with the joy that comes with creation – of any and all kinds. I might be (in my little way) able to relate with the feeling that GOD had when it was time to create existence and all that now exists. I liken this to an empty page. While GOD faced the contention of “darkness”, I face the obstruction of an empty page (a white plain nakedness filled with nothing).

The truth about creating from nothing or anything related to that – for that matter – is the initial discouragement that comes with the supposed clueless nature. There is nothing before you, no template, no structure, no copy to emulate, no hint. You are faced with the core bareness of beginning and it would either inspire you to do the unthinkable until it is done or it would discourage you to turn back and never look at it again. For me, I’ve experienced both outcomes.

I’ve been faced with cases where I’m forced by a spark of fear – carnal as it is – to turn back and never look at that progression. Sometimes, in contrast to the first, I’ve found myself moving closer simply because I’ve seen it as an obstacle. Unlike GOD – I don’t have a consistency of this kind of response yet every great miracle has been about innovation due to contention. That is one lesson I believe GOD taught and is teaching me in this GOD’sBondMan project: to cultivate an appreciation for opposition as an initiation of true creation.

So when I write every day: starting from no words to the bond, I share a creative space with GOD but I see it as more than just joining creation. Every BOND is about GOD walking through me, every step is HIS whether I wish to say or not. Every witty line or witness of wisdom, every curve of the pen or tap of the keyboard, every design of imagination, every piece of prayer laced in these words are HIS. I want to say that I see the process of creation everyday and I can relate to the very beginning of existence where GOD Calls everything from nothing.

In witnessing creation, I see GOD do what HE DOES especially in days I don’t feel eager: HE is eager to do what HE WANTS.

Have I fought the process? Yes. Once or two or more than I can remember or I’m willing to say but even at that…even fighting the process gives me a picture of what humanity has been like: deviating from the original design; however, the whole governing thought is always in tact. Humanity – and everything in general – has proven to be so sophisticated yet too primitive to touch the original goal of GOD.

In contending with Empty Pages, I’ve gotten a glimpse of what it must feel to contend with empty hearts or willing minds that are oppressed and in need of salvation. In fighting the emptiness, to take off the void, in thriving to establish the form which had been less – before now – I see a little piece of how GOD is willing to see to the human end that it meets the purpose of why all this began.

Now, when I recount the writing process in my mind, I can’t help but be reminded of GOD’s ultimate act of creation such that even in salvation, GOD is creating a new life devoid of the oppression of sin or the dividends of separation from HIM. In being myself, I can see GOD, HIMSELF. In writing, I can see GOD creating; such that even my writing is a part of creation that I am but a tool to. In contention, I can also see a playing field for the succession of HIS intention over the omission by sinful commission.

In my little way, I can testify to the understanding of the riddle that results in strength from my feeble nature. Where I am sure that it is GOD who testifies through me in every breath – consciously or unconsciously. I am as good as a colourful shadow.

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