Tongue: The paradox and how it works

Do I have to go on about the efficacy of good speech with regards to creation and how if GOD had cursed, our creation would be cursed? Or how GOD never cursed those HE had blessed? Or how about the principle of singularity of purpose where we say what we mean and mean what we say and how would that play out if we say two things and mean nothing? Do our words still mean something on the long run?


You know just as is required to be known. My mother was Mary who haboured praying believers (Acts 12:12), I am the cousin of Barnabas the great apostle (Colossians 4:10), I was once in missions with Saul who is called Paul (Acts 12:25), I’ve been recommended to many in the church (II Timothy 4:11). Whatever isn’t in scripture didn’t need to be in scripture. Besides, we should be glad to work in the shadows so that JESUS would forever be in the light.