Tongue: The paradox and how it works

BOND 335

Now I know you don’t want to get entangled but what I want to say is a series of secrets. I would need you to keep them untold just as I was told to keep them untold. True integrity is that which is priceless thus, unable to be sold. Okay? Good.

You remember that time we were looking through the book of James and we saw that dual-faced nature of people who do the opposite of things in one lifetime? Yes I think it makes sense now. From the pastor? No-no I didn’t learn it from him but since we are speaking of him, all I can truly say is wise-talk is cheap but wise-action is very expensive. Needless to say, sometimes, some of us are very comfortable to blabber about the truth when it’s not us who need to lie to stay salved.

So as I was saying. The reason, I think, why the Christian doesn’t have power when they speak is because they don’t have an integrity of speech. Take for instance, sister Margaret. You know Sister Maggie right? Always leading out in the “bless you LORD” choruses; damn…a pious dresser too and her smile oh dear…right right. So she praises GOD on Sunday service but would gladly curse her neighbour the next day. I saw it myself! I’m her damn neighbour. Sweet words to JESUS, bitter curses to me; love to GOD, hate to men; peace to heaven and woes to neighbourhoood. That’s the flaw in our use of the power of the tongue.

One time I heard she called a brother an ugly ***. Which is ironical if we are to take up the words of the pastor who recounted that we are made in the image of GOD. of course I know he didn’t mean GOD has multiple faces (or does HE?) But to think that we can call the father good and the child that looks like the father bad is the very lack of integrity we have weakened our tongues with. The tongue wasn’t built for this: to live a confused life. The tongue was not created for this: to live a dual-faced sentimental life. We were not made for this: to withhold our love from those we wish to hate; to keep blessings only for those we love. Now where’s the fun in that? What makes the blessings unique at all?

I believe that if we want to have blessings, we should speak blessings. If we want to have blessings, we should think blessings; if we want to have blessings, we should act blessed. But more than all these, we should not engage in curses with our speech. Nature doesn’t behave that way. And someone needs to tell sister Maggie that! You don’t become a saint only in the walls of church or while church people are looking and then become a demon with grey horns once everyone turns a blind eye; you are not being good to please people. You should be good because being good is GOOD; just like GOD said that all HE CREATED was good.

Do I have to go on about the efficacy of good speech with regards to creation and how if GOD had cursed, our creation would be cursed? Or how GOD never cursed those HE had blessed? Or how about the principle of singularity of purpose where we say what we mean and mean what we say and how would that play out if we say two things and mean nothing? Do our words still mean something on the long run? Tell Sister Maggie that!

So that’s one reason why the tongue doesn’t work for our good; because we don’t speak what is good. If we don’t mix good with bad, if we don’t put bad to what is good: if we don’t interpret good as bad then what we would have is nothing but good. Good. Good. Good.

If the tongue is not chained to the paradox of opposing natures of good and evil, we would experience what is good and not evil. Tell sister Maggie that!

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