BOND 339

For those who believe in JESUS as the Messiah – then and now – is it safe to question HIS origin, HIS purpose and the end of JESUS?

If you believe in something, you don’t question it. To believe in JESUS, for example, would require the same effect. This doesn’t mean that we cannot ask questions to know more but to begin to speculate that JESUS isn’t what HE is would be an outright lack of reason. We know that HE is the Son of GOD who came from GOD and that is what the gospel begins with (Mark 1: 1, 11). JESUS has nothing to do with unclean spirits thus, HE was and is the good guy (Mark 1:24). HE came from GOD. That’s HIS origin. JESUS had the purpose of transformation (Mark 1:17), of revival for the love of GOD through preaching (Mark 1:38) of repentance through the forgiveness of sin (Mark 2: 5) to heal those in need of seeing GOD (Mark 2: 17), for reformation (Mark 2: 25-28) for peace instead of chaos (Mark 4:35-39). In the end, JESUS came so that we could begin again with GOD. JESUS came to deliver us, that we may be reborn into a newness of life and order where sin is no master but a defeated concept under Obedience to GOD. HIS END was and is the gospel that all who hear and believe would be saved into an eternity with GOD in peace (Mark 16: 15-18).

In your very candid reasoning, John, do you believe that the salvation which JESUS personifies and gives – to those who believe – is for the JEWS alone?

It begins with the Jews but it is not restricted to Jews. The dividends of salvation are for the children (Mark 7:27) however salvation is not limited to Jews (Mark 7:29 & 30). Salvation is for all those who believe there is salvation. Salvation through JESUS is for all those who connect to the salvation which comes only through JESUS. JESUS, HIMSELF, gives a range of those who should know of salvation and this is ‘all the world’ (Mark 16:15).

Even though this has many theological implications, why do you think JESUS was right to scatter the temple peddlers?

First of all, I need people to understand that what is right isn’t always going to sit well with people in authority. I reckon that which is right which we don’t feel comfortable with is the key to vital change if we are truthful about reformative life. Which is why this episode of righteous anarchy staged by JESUS was about going back to the root of instituted repentance. HE simply gave the reason for what we now know as holy gatherings. JESUS answered why we gather. We don’t gather because we want to sell our goods or antiquities or commodities or ideologies; we don’t gather to get gain above all things, we don’t gather to exchange blessings for money; we gather to pray. We gather to meet GOD; to pray means to communicate with GOD. We gather to speak to GOD and hear GOD. So when we trail away from this, we need to be sent out with a charge for restitution (Mark 11: 15-19). We don’t pamper wrong doing in Christianity, at least, we ought not to. JESUS was right to scatter what scatters the Will of GOD because it is what we need to do, uphold the original premise of GOD upon the earth. That which stands against GOD should be stood up by us. In essence, we need to stand for GOD if we claim to understand GOD as HE wants to be understood.

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