BOND 340

Separating the mission of JESUS from John; how hard was that for people of the day?

Separating these two lights might have been a trouble because for the people both of them were lights. If you looked at them, you’d have an effect in the similitude of looking at the sun, unprotected. You wouldn’t blame them, Israel had had a silent time from GOD where HE sent no prophet and they were hungry for leadership. For John, they saw a radical orator whose charisma and boldness was just what they could remember Elijah did – much like his appearance (Mark 1:6) – even if they didn’t think of it in this way and then for JESUS? HE was an unconventional person. But their missions were clear for those who paid attention, no matter the price of that and one was greater, no doubt (Mark 1:7 & 8). John was to prepare the hearts of the people to see the need for JESUS (Mark 1:2-5) because JESUS was to save them by empowerment to live for GOD (Mark 1:8). John was aware of his duty just as much as JESUS was (Mark 1: 7-8). John preached Repentance from sin and JESUS brought an understanding against sin with an empowerment over sin. The only reason why one might mix them up carelessly is because from afar, they both thrived for one message of salvation (Mark 1: 4; 1: 15).

Was JESUS a prophet since HE prophesied?

This might appear tricky for those who want HIM to only be one. HE had referred to HIMSELF as one as a metaphor for expressing how HE was not received by HIS Earthly people (Mark 6:4) but we must see to it that this is as good a symbol in parallel comparison with a parable like the sower which is used to liken heaven. Is heaven a seed any more than JESUS is a prophet? That’s where the understanding sets in. If we are looking for a prophet, in the new testament, we can always look at John and be at peace with that (Mark 11:32) but because JESUS prophesied didn’t and doesn’t mean that HE didn’t heal (Mark 7: 32-35) or teach (Mark 12:1-12; 10:2-9) or cleanse (Mark 11: 15-17) or save (Mark 15: 38-39). Prophecy was one of HIS ways of validating who HE was for a latter unbelieving audience. If you look at all HE gave as a glimpse of the future (Mark 13:1-27), you’ll see that whoever HE was, HE was at least right on the sequence of that which was to come and with such detail? HE confirmed Daniel (Mark 13:14) and I hear uncle John had an extensive revelation from JESUS. If people think of JESUS as a prophet (Mark 6:15), there are others who know of HIM as more (Mark 15:39).

This might as well be a foundational pillar of Christian faith and also one to be greatly attacked. From all you know, why are you certain JESUS would return?

Just as I just said, we can authenticate JESUS by what HE said and did. By HIS prophecies. This is how I know for sure that JESUS would return: HE SAID IT. Now this doesn’t sound convincing until you realize that all HE said has happened and will happen. HE spoke of wars and rumours of more wars (Mark 13: 7), HE spoke of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem (Mark 13: 2), HE spoke of earthquakes and famines (Mark 13: 8), HE spoke of Christian persecution (Mark 13:11, 13) and HE spoke of coming back (Mark 13: 26 & 27). All but this last one has happened or are happening. I tell you, it’s a certainty, JESUS would come because HE said HE WOULD. We believe what HE said and says (since HE is alive) because they all come to pass since they are truth.

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