Prayers for (un)broken Souls

BOND 343

May our dead works receive life by faith only in CHRIST.

May we always say, “amen” to the prayers made by GOD.

May strife return us to the peace of JESUS.

May we hold no success which is an excess burden to the rest of GOD.

May we see GOD face-to-face as tangible as the realisation of our breaths.

May we hold no grudges for evil; may we forgive (for) the good inside of everyone.

May our songs be sacrifices worth offering, may our thoughts give GOD peace, may our intentions not mar our prayers, may we think as GOD thinks, may our imaginations not be evil; causing GOD to repent, yet again.

May salvation give us definition and may healing give us meaning.

May silence heal us and may prayers show us who we are.

May fear lead us always to GOD (and not away) and may Eden be found in our temples erected in our hearts.

May GOD be praised in our trials and may heaven breathe easy knowing that desires do not rule our bones, easily.

May we know when our consciences are grieved by sin and when our hopes are shallow in comparison to the vision of GOD.

May our souls be found though they be under the rumble of the dying earth.

May we know the joy that comes with meditation upon the goodness of GOD.

May those who cannot love us for who we are not be loved any deeper by us, without clue.

May we see what GOD sees…

May our words represent the image of GOD and our actions HIS likeness.

May JESUS not be Crucified, denied or lied to in our lives.

May we be like blank pages, willing to be written upon when we meet GOD to hear HIS voice.

May we know the very peace which knows us all too well in every piece.

May darkness be gone for form to come; may light be born for the break of everyday, may we remember to command the mornings by the Hand of GOD.

May Sinai not fall upon our disobedience…

May satan be forever rebuked until the enemy of GOD is put under the foot of my LORD.

May the devil Leave us alone when we neither turn bread from stone or blindly cast the first stone.

May our houses be built in hills like cities of light, unhidden like New Eden.

May we share the grace which we have received with great grace.

May our joys overflow knowing that GOD loves us even more than our loves can comprehend and that GOD sees us more than we know we can be seen.

May judgement only come when it pleases the LORD, GOD.

May we know the essence of truth in every moment of life.

May time remain obedient to the Will of GOD.

May these prayers meet you in peace just as they came to me.

May we understand the reason for every day before we receive the risen sun.

May death have no life in it when it comes by without the command of GOD.

May we RECEIVE GOD, purely, like children dancing beside fire and moving water.

May we have more unwritten moments with GOD.


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