The Confluence between Spirituality and physicality: A Letter

BOND 344

Dear Raja,

I’m writing this for it to go on record because I dare say that for some people they would need to read it from the hands of someone they know to be alive and one who is able to see what they’ve seen and gone through. Raja, you know we have friends who doubt the Bible because they can’t seem to verify that it was written when it was written and for what it was written for. Some don’t believe because they don’t know who wrote the books beyond paintings from stained glass windows. For me, I’ve learnt to see beyond this argument. Thus, who would believe would believe not because we say that they should or show them why and how they should but because the comforter, the Holy Ghost, would reveal what is true to them – after we have presented it to be true.

In the case of being convinced, it is GOD that gives us grace to have conviction of HIS record which we witness within us. Quote this part: the testimony of GOD is best experienced personally. Even though we have our roles to play in believing what belief is true, it is GOD – in the end – who empowers our belief.

I can say this confidently because I have experienced this wholeheartedly: I believe in the consequence of our natural lives to our spiritual lives because there is a confluence between them. I believe either of them influences the other. I believe there is a reliance of one to the other. I believe we cannot separate our spirituality from our individuality and that we are who we are not just because it is who we are but also because we do what we do, how we do it, when we do it, why we do it and where we do all we do. We are a product of the varying decisions we make and actions we take and thoughts we stake our lives for.

The truth is, what we do in the physical does influence how we are in the spiritual. If you are a GOD’sBondMan you’ll know that.

You’ll know that every conversation counts, every image you look upon, every friend you keep, every book you read, every piece of music you listen to, every desire you act upon, every acre of lust, every meter of dust you thread upon, counts. Everything matters and matter is everything! We cannot separated our lives from our spirituality which is a hilarious reality when you look at those who deny there is a spirituality in the first place. It’s like denouncing the effect of breathing.

Now what’s my point, surely after all these words, I should have one. I hope so, too. I hope we can see that our spirituality is not in isolation from our physicality. Our toxicity is a very reflective mechanism of what is contained in our spirituality. Our thoughts are the driving concepts of all we do, our intentions drive these concepts, our imaginations are being driven into the present and we think through all these whether we are conscious of this or not.

Raja, there is a spirit in every thing for said thing to be. We have, in our day-to-day lives, a constant interaction with spirits. When this becomes clear, you refute the concept of coincidence and embrace Providence for the ordained script that it is.

I am saying if we must build our spirituality to the strength that it should be, then we must become intentional of our physicality for the catalyst that it is. We must evaluate our physical lives over and over again to see that they meet up with the demand of our spiritual existence; if not, we would find our selves fainting in the bid to ascend beyond human wanting.

I’ve written this for all spiritual people to know that as long as we are on earth, the earth plays a role in our connectivity with heaven; be it passively or actively. If we sow diligence to the contrite life of GOD, we reap convergence between our souls and HIS.


Olatunde Ọbáfémi

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