GOD’s Got Me

Do you see that Topic? read it again!

BOND 345

For you to get (understand) GOD, it must have been that GOD got to you first.

For us to get to GOD, it had to be that GOD got to us first. When we get to GOD the way we want to, we end up re-inventing a concept of GOD we can get to. To get to GOD – the concept beyond our grasp – we need to be gotten by GOD and we cannot be gotten by GOD unless the begotten of GOD gets to us. This is why we affirm – without reason of doubt or reason to doubt – that without JESUS, who is the only begotten son of GOD, we cannot access GOD or get to GOD.

If JESUS wasn’t begotten of the FATHER, we would not be able to behold GOD as clearly as we do or as clearly as HE shows HIMSELF, too. If JESUS was not the begotten SON, then we would not be prepared to see GOD as GOD can be seen by those who have – before now – been drenched in sin so sweet yet so sorrowful in purpose.

So if we get GOD, GOD got us. It is also because we get GOD that we can say that “GOD’s got us”; but GOD – in getting us – had to make sure that we got HIM in mind and got HIM in our hearts before HE could get through to us. For GOD to get through to us or get us through what we now face, we need to get GOD and get what HE is and stands for and loves and can do – which is “everything”.

So here’s mine because I can remember how GOD met me and got to me and still does.

GOD gets to me in my memories, in my hate, in my love, in my joy, my pain, my tiredness, my cloudy days, dancing in the rain; in my hopes, in silence, in desire, in weakness, in my humanity, in shadows, in closed doors, in rocky mountain-climbs, in slow-paced walks, in daydreaming, in dusty road-paths, in words, in letters, in phone-calls, in conversations, in sounds going and coming, in regrets conquered by true faith, on screens, on keyboards, on empty papers filled with words later, on cold-nights.

GOD got to me in dancing, in poetry, in waiting, in loving, in breaking me, in shaming me, in opening me up, in waking, in (the) sunrising moments, in reckoning, in beckoning, in beginning over and over again, in renewing my mind before empty clouds, in winking, in sinking, in drinking, in fighting, in delving deeper than expected.

GOD got me in grey moments: between contrite white or outright black; in grey moments of great brilliance; in grey moments of great conflict between two right things – one of which can only be both lawful and expedient; in grey moments: in pregnant clouds about to puke, in grey moments: where the war between two opposing rights are best left for pure righteousness; in grey moments: in judgement between good and evil and everything, inbetween.

GOD got me here: where i never knew i could be gotten, from where i never knew i could be gotten, by what i never knew could get me or get to me. I got to GOD only because GOD got to me, i could get to GOD because HE had already gotten me and gotten to me. This is grace, too.

I’ve got GOD because GOD’s got me. That’s something i should say over and over whenever i feel like I’m forgetting…or forgotten…

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