BOND 346

Today, the devil came to write a bond with me. Not for any particular reason – since the devil doesn’t need a special reason to tempt us or do anything like that.

We are all tempted because we all should be tempted. The devil is in the business of attempting to disqualify me from preaching the gospel just as much as it’s in the business of stopping you from experiencing the profit of salvation in JESUS CHRIST. So I’m going to share with you the interference conversation I had with the devil – a part of the devil.

So the first thing I remember was that I wanted to write a bond, something different and off the usual range I explore and I reckon this attracted the devil – coming at times of innovation to see if it can convince us to distort creation with some alluring revelation. Not all deep thinking is GOD-given! The Christian should know that the devil always begins with desire.

So we set on to understand the expectation of the Christian and what GOD demands of us. We found this in Mark 12:30 and I can tell you that the devil makes interesting sermons as long as those fine words don’t get you to see GOD for who GOD TRULLY is.

So the expectation from the Christian is that we should love. But love is transcendental. It progresses, it rotates, it moves, evolves, creates. It goes beyond the proclamation, it must be satisfied at the realization. Which means that the Christian must show as much as say that they love. From it’s body language, I reckon the devil wasn’t too uncomfortable with someone saying that they were Christian or shouting that they love(d) GOD. It seemed relaxed until the individual began to love GOD.

When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but its notifications are always buzzing – murder in Sweden, lying in Brazil, theft in Quebec, fornication in Pretoria, Masturbation in Abba. I need to make this statement again, I got distracted by the devil’s buzzing phone. When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but when we love GOD, we set the devil on (destructive) fire. You think we are in hell for sinning? Well, the devil is in hell when we aren’t sinning.

We can torment the devil by refusing to live based on what it gives us. We can keep the devil in hell by refusing the demand of hell, by refuting to uphold the stance of hell which is separation from GOD.

So, moving on, JESUS says the first commandment is to love the LORD…wait let me quote it:

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first commandment. – Mark 12:30 (NKJV)

The first thought that came to me – and I’m sure it got to the devil, too – was the indicator “first” and quickly I think of Matthew 6:33. GOD always wants to be first and if we are being fair, GOD would be “the only” once HE’S first. Not only is GOD satisfying at being first, HE’d leave us with not wanting for another.

The devil frowns at this because usually that’s the spiritual principle: whoever gets to you first and you accept takes all positions. No supernatural being goes for “second”. In hierarchy of supernatural preference, there is no second place – it’s either “first” or “nothing”. Now, you know that; because GOD Knows that and the devil does, too. In upholding faith, you shouldn’t even come first to you. The concept is: “GOD first is your best”!

When I write this down, the devil looks at me and says, “you know, GOD must be very greedy” and I laugh. I’m not sure the word “greedy” fits. I reckon GOD is jealous, always jealous.

So it’s important I share(d) more of what I studied but I’ll do that in the next BOND so this doesn’t end up being so long a reading.

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