Bond 347

Usually, I wouldn’t need to convince the devil to see things my way but perhaps I’m doing a little revisit on this because I want to see more. Oh yeah, point of order, you cannot convince the devil to love GOD anymore than it hates GOD. With that said, we moved on to dissect Mark 12:30. My goal was to prove GOD’s jealousy and the devil to prove GOD’s Greed.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. – Mark 12:30 (NKJV).

The first striking point here is the auxiliary verb of “should”. This indicates that what follows this is an expedient, quintessential requirement of us. In simple terms, it’s the ideal deal, that’s for sure. Even the devil nods at the point of truth – it couldn’t help itself.

The major subject here is LOVE. I think this is one of the most misinterpreted concepts such that the counterfeit is more widely accepted than the original version. I reckon this is why whenever we seek to define love from its original place, the devil slots in the digression of greed. This verse says “how” to love…by showing “who” to love.

Who to love, first?

We should love GOD, first. Not the world, not what we see, not what we enjoy, not who we see, not who we fancy, not who we admire, not our standards of pleasure but the LORD.
When we love the LORD, our questions are not to demolish HIS person but to understand HIM for who HE is. We don’t need a condition to love GOD. We don’t need to be out of our messy condition before we love GOD. Answered prayers shouldn’t be sole reasons why we love GOD. If our love is induced by some miracle and only by this miracle can we find love for GOD, we don’t really love GOD.
What happens when there are no miracles or answered prayers or pleasure rides or good days, or dancing to sunrise? Do we only love GOD for good times? Then we don’t really love GOD. So here’s the bitter pill.

How do you love GOD?

So let’s say you want to learn how to love GOD – perhaps you’ve forgotten how. The first point is to:

Love GOD with all your heart.

The demand of love for GOD induces the reality of entirety. It says, “all” of this. True love is measured in completeness; we leave nothing aside or reserved.

The devil goes, “a-ha!” And I can sense it’s about to gloat when I look at it condescendingly. When we love on earth, do we want to be divided? Do we want those we love to make us an option and not their very choice? We are just as greedy as GOD is, then.


With the heart implies the source of life. The heart shows the very entry of life, the very sustenance of life, the very measure of the state of life. By the heart, the work of life is supplied. From the heart is life. If life is a river, the heart is its source. Then I think of Proverbs 4:23 and it all makes sense.
GOD wants us to love HIM with the source of our life.

What brings life to you? Love GOD with that. What gives meaning to life, for you? Love GOD with that. What is life to you? Love GOD with that. What sustains your life? Love GOD with that.

For some people, GOD’sBondMan precisely, you need to love GOD with GOD. Love GOD with all of GOD you have. Everything that says, “GOD” is what you love GOD with – especially when GOD is the source of your life and bearing in life.

The devil seems quiet, plotting, maybe and then it hits me. The reason why we are so focused on making life good at the expense of loving GOD is because the devil wants us to focus on the source of life at the expense of loving GOD with the source.

We get so distracted with sourcing life to even love GOD with what we get.
If I told you that you needed to love GOD with the very reason of your life like it’s your life, you’d end up saying GOD was probably asking for too much. If it’s much then that’s what GOD wants.

I would need to explain this in the next bond because the devil says “GOD wants too much”.

Go with GOD.

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