A con-man without the con 2

BOND 357

Welcome back from the break. Before the Break, we looked at predestination and the continuation of GOD’s covenant with Abraham through Jacob. We are still talking with Jacob, son of Laughter, a misunderstood man.


Jacob, except for your father – who got named by GOD – almost everyone in your bloodline seems to be getting name-changes. What do you reason is the importance of the name of a human being to the fulfilment of their ordination?

For starters, I believe GOD ignites a mark of HIS Covenant with our names (Genesis 17:5). Our names are vital to the course of our lives, see the name as the script we act by – whether we are aware of the implications or not (Genesis 17: 5; Genesis 27:36). The name is GOD’s signature upon our need to believe (Genesis 17:19; Genesis 21: 6, 7). I think of the name as a game-changing blessing (Genesis 17:15). When GOD blesses, if the name isn’t right, HE touches that, first (Genesis 32: 27). The name is beyond an identity, it’s a nature by which GOD’s blessings can find a place to work through us. If that is to be taken seriously then the name is also a reward, a milestone of achievement (Genesis 32: 28). I also think the name is a source of remembrance by which we can tell the train of GOD’s mercies to humanity and here, I’m referring to the name we quantify GOD with (Exodus 3: 6). So to your question, the name is (and or should be) how and what the human should be. Oftentimes, the names we bear give answers to the set-out course of life and by our names, we can see into what GOD’s eternal plan is for a human being assuming the name is GOD-given and inspired (Genesis 17: 19; Genesis 32: 27). So the name is the completeness of the person; both in ordination and execution of ordination – like a road map.

You spoke about your mother earlier on in terms of her role in getting you the birthright. I’ve always wanted to ask, Jacob, do you also consider your mother to be a prophetess?

I don’t know about her being a prophetess but I can say she was part of a prophecy (Genesis 24: 7, 8; 12-15; 45-49). If being in a place – which fulfils the prophecy – of prophecy makes one a prophet(ess) then I consider that she was one. In addition to that, if you see a prophet(ess) as one who lives their lives based on enquiry from GOD then she was one (Genesis 25: 22) just as much as any other. The case for a prophet(ess) is that they stand between GOD and the earth. She did that by ensuring that what GOD had declared (Genesis 25: 23)  came to pass at all cost (Genesis 27: 1 – 34). In that sense, I reckon my mother: Rebekah to be a prophetess

You are one man who had a lot of encounters with GOD. How did those play in your resolve to live especially after your experiences?

With the way I left my father’s house, I needed to be assured that GOD was interested in my life much like HE was with grandpa (Genesis 12: 7). When I had that revelation of the ladder (Genesis 28: 12-16), I knew that GOD was busy writing the events of my life just as HE had renewed HIS promise (Genesis 28: 13-15). I felt safe knowing that HE could see where and how I was just as HE saw who I was. With seeing GOD comes completeness you can only speak of by personally seeing GOD. That was why I could make a vow knowing that GOD was paying attention to me (Genesis 28: 20-22). Then, my encounter with the vision that made me rich is another example of revelation which signalled to me that it was time I left my comfort zone of serving Laban (Genesis 31: 10-13). As long as it worked, I felt assured of GOD’s blessings taking foothold of my affairs (Genesis 30: 41-43). Of course, it was this blessing  – which had trickled down from Abraham (Genesis 12: 1-3) – that was eminent in my prosperous contribution to Laban (Genesis 30: 27). All of these was because of the encounters I had. Then let’s not forget I wrestled with GOD (Genesis 32:22-31). I like to describe this as my rebirth. It was from that encounter that I received a name change and full activation of my covenant continuation (Genesis 32: 28). I feel more than ever that encounters with GOD remind us of GOD’s continuous presence, interest and overseeing prowess in our lives even in terms of making a way beyond the constraint of our fears or doubts (Genesis 46: 2 – 4). It’s like finally having a glimpse into the reason for the course of your life. Our encounters with GOD are the very catalysts of definition in life. 

It’s like finally having a glimpse into the reason for the course of your life. Our encounters with GOD are the very catalysts of definition in life.


How do you want to examine the concept of “true love” between Rachel and yourself?

When I think of Rachel and myself, I look at a spitting image of what my father and mother had (Genesis 26: 8). It was instant as though we had met before (Genesis 29: 10 -12). It also was a comfort for the space that had been created by my mother’s absence much like what happened with my father in his time (Genesis 24: 67). It was love that conquered pain and suffering and one that sped the time of anguish (Genesis 29: 20). It was the kind of love that gave strength and motivation to life. It did not consume so it was true. I could do a lot to have this love including serving seven years (Genesis 29: 18). In the case of true love, we can be certain that there is no limit or how we can go beyond obstacles.

So Jacob, when Leah was given to you at first, what was the implication?

I felt betrayed (Genesis 29: 25) and I feel I automatically transferred that into anger towards her (Genesis 29: 31). She had to suffer for a course she did not ignite. I also felt culture should never distort the work of love like it did to me (Genesis 29: 26-27). It was also an issue that caused a rift between Rachel and me because with polygamy comes the drive to always compete for the higher spot of being loved (Genesis 30: 1, 2).

culture should never distort the work of love

Before we go on this commercial break, Jacob, don’t you also feel that GOD had a hand in this?

In making Leah, my wife?

Yes, in letting that play out.

You see the moment you bring GOD in the bid to unravel the reason for an occurrence, you have automatically lost your control over what you’ll dig up. If GOD did not allow it, it would not have happened – that’s a mindset worth always guarding. As to whether it was for the reason of multiplication of fulfilling the prophecy of great nations from the Seed of Isaac (Genesis 30: 1-24) or just by a permissive measure, I can’t say now. We cannot. We shouldn’t attempt to give or have or seek a reason why GOD does what GOD does because if we saw a faint print of the whole plan, we would see our unworthy we’ve been yet HIS love captures our inadequacies. In seeing why GOD does what GOD does, our humanity may not be able to withstand the surge of love in order to process it, properly. The best way to see this is with those encounters that’s why we should always desire to make ‘having encounters with GOD’ as constant as our breathing sequence.

We would go on a break now and when we come back, we would be looking at Jacob working with Laban and how that played out in fulfilling the promises GOD made to Abraham. Stay tuned. 

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