The Availability of GOD’s Will

BOND 358

If you haven’t learnt anything in this journey, if we have no knowledge or own no form of understanding, we know this one thing concerning the availability of GOD’ Will.

We know that the Will of GOD is available to us without restraint or separation. For as long as we are in unity and under the ambits of GOD, we can access the Will of GOD. This is so because the Will of GOD is GOD in how GOD explains who GOD is and what GOD is doing and what GOD’s intention is for doing what GOD is doing. This is HIS Will.

For as long as we can see GOD in a thing or a place, we can see GOD’s Will at work, at play; we can see it as sure as the fineness of refined clay at moulding.

If we cannot see GOD, it is clear that we can see HIS will in everything: in how everything bends and turns and happens without confusion or collision in themselves because they are all under a course which propels them to be. Even in the chaos of nature, that which confuses our intellect, we can find GOD’s Will available to us to see GOD – who is always available to us – if we are looking to see and behold GOD.

But, we also know that when we refer to the availability of GOD’s Will, a thing being available doesn’t make it GOD’s Will. We may have an open path, a choice, a direction, an openness made available but the availability of a path doesn’t make it GOD’s Will. Invariably, not all open doors were left open by GOD; not all trees were left by GOD for us to be eaten.

Arguably true is the fact that even we can see a way to do something doesn’t mean it is GOD’s Will for us to do said-thing in the way we’ve seen it can be done. Sometimes, until we get close, GOD’s Will is the closed-door: the red sea, the turbulent wind, the great flood, the hunger before temptation, it goes on.

The absence of difficulty is not the automatic certification that GOD’s Will is at play. For the Christian and indeed for GOD’sBondMan, this is a note of great warning.

So what is temptation? It is thinking that because we see a way through then it automatically is GOD’s Will – without us confirming before engaging. No one has said that GOD’s Will is always the easy way. How do you expect GOD to remind you HE is GOD if you have no bruises to be healed, me no sadness to be gladdened or no aches to be soothed? How would we know that GOD is GOD if we are not first men and women, weak and failing and dying and hopeless?

Anyway, here it is. It is that GOD’s Will is available to us but it is not all things which are available that are GOD’s Will. While we are walking, we should hat that GOD is in the habit of taking us through the difficult places to show us the measure of HIS many good graces.

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