A con-man without the con 3

BOND 359

Welcome back and thank you for joining us. Before we went on the break, We were examining true love, the contribution of our names to the outcome of life and we touched on how encountering GOD makes a difference.

That’s right

So now, Jacob, in getting the wife of your desire, you had to work for Laban for about 14 years. Working with Laban for those many years, how must this have played out for you in history even after you are gone?

First of all, i considered it a fair wage to work for 7 years and get paid with love (Genesis 29: 18). I believe that the price for work which we do should be measured in love: both how we love what we do and love as the motivation for what we do. So I consider it as a standard I contributed: to put love first and for love to be that which makes us work as hard as we do because when we have love in sight, our work would not be a torment rather, even in burden, we feel nothing (Genesis 29: 20). Nevertheless, in our dealings with others, it is important to be forthright with people; tell them what you stand for (Genesis 29: 26) but do not betray them by it (Genesis 29: 23-25). Everyone should be defined in interaction with others – that way – we would not have place for strife and injustice (Genesis 29: 25). There is also the point of carrying a covenant that blesses people because you are with them. Every Christian carries that same covenant in a geometrically advanced and enabled state so when a Christian is working in any place, people should know. The impact of GOD should be felt by people through you or else you’ll need to move closer to GOD because the goal is that through you, others would move closer to GOD. There is also the concept of polygamy as not borne from normal circumstances but i think we can all agree on the demerit of strife regardless of how harmoniously resourced it was (Genesis 29: 27 & 28). And I would know this because my wok for Laban landed me with a case of marrying two sisters who were fighting to be more relevant than each other (Genesis 30: 1).


Speaking of wives-rivalry, I couldn’t help but notice, Jacob, the heavy presence of handmaids in your life. With regards to handmaids and children, do you see the Hand of GOD or was it just a human projectile against GOD’s concept of multiplication?

I see both. It was both the work of GOD to produce the tribes of 12 (Deuteronomy 33:6–25) but it had to be done somehow even if by human feud. GOD is in the habit of using us even when we are unaware. So while Leah and Rachel were trying to have as many children and outnumber themselves, GOD was working towards a calculation we were not even aware of. So without paying much attention to handmaids (Genesis 30: 3 & 9), because the concept was really about the multiplication effect, I’ll say GOD was actively involved in making sure that everything turned out the way they did without excuse (Romans 8:28; Romans 1: 20).

But amidst this family feud, did you (ever) Love Leah?

The definition of love is the same but how it was approached, then, was quite different. For us, love was measured in production of children or trust or protection (Genesis 29: 32-34). Love was shown by the ability to sacrifice (Genesis 22:1-19) but this one thing I can say and it is that I did not hate Leah. She just wasn’t the one my affection longed for (Genesis 29: 30).

So she was unloved(Genesis 29: 31)?

Only at first…

Now, coming back to your work life, when you had to leave Laban, how did that test your faith?

Let me say it in this way. Faith is about answering the question of life from the lens of GOD and that is why if you don’t have the character of seeing life through GOD’s eyes, you can not please GOD (Hebrews 11: 6) or be pleased by what HE has designed (1 Peter 1:8). So yes, it was to test my faith but not the move-a-mountain kind of way (Matthew 17: 20). It was an awakening to the responsibility I had of grooming the family of covenant (Genesis 30: 30). My leaving was in response to the question of my life in coming fully into GOD’s Plan. Sure, Laban was reluctant (Genesis 30: 27) but as I had set a precedent, a good worker is worthy good wage and this he knew very well (Genesis 30:28). But further to this, my faith was in believing what GOD’s revelation was concerning the spotted and speckled sheep (Genesis 30: 32). It doesn’t make sense but it was faith so it was done. Faith is that wonder which is beyond human control that we cannot explain neither can we deny or dispose that it happened or shall happen. You’ll find faith in the past just as much as you’ll see it in the future but the great faith is that which you have in the present – in the face of mockery from those who don’t see through the lens of GOD (Genesis 30:34). Greater faith for me was in the thought of what I was going to face when I returned home. When you live by the Hand of GOD, alone, you have no choice but to breathe and cleave to life by faith alone. It is by faith or it is by death that we can truly understand life. I choose faith.

The speckled-sheep experiment is seen as a miracle for liberation. What was – at the time – your emphasis to it as an invention: was it GOD-glorification, self-emancipation or justice-dispensation?

I think it was all you’ve said although I wasn’t aware at the time. I knew I had to be vindicated for the ill treatment and unrighteousness dispensed in injustice so if I became richer then I had been right all along (Genesis 30:33). If I sinned against Laban, the revelation would not have had a fruitful manifestation like it did (Genesis 30: 41-43). If we have sins within us not just the acts but the very concept of sin, we cannot truly enjoy the manifestations of GOD’s promise. But because I am a promise whose success is a testimony of heaven, it was also for the glorification of GOD where as long as I prospered in HIS Will, it was GOD’s name that was glorified because HE is my GOD and I am HIS servant. Then, it was also that of self-emancipation because I needed to not just leave but provide for my family in order to keep the bloodline going for the promise of GOD to grandpa to be fulfilled (Genesis 17: 7).

Thank you, Jacob. Coming up next we look at the return home, the issue of rape in your household and Joseph, your favourite. Stay tuned after this break.


Did I tell you that I never saw my mother after I left to Laban?

No, do tell, Jacob, do tell…

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