To Get To Heaven: Bill of Opinion

BOND 360

Your Grace,

My Lords,

Today we define our statement of heaven. Heaven not just as a feeling of great pleasure as many have stated before now but heaven as the destination of all ideal moral humanity. Heaven as the divine statement of peace and not just the human measurement of heightened fulfilment. Heaven as that which only heaven can measure and not to be seen through the mechanical evaluation on and of earth.

Your Grace, in defining heaven, we do not define heaven by the earth or just merely the absence of hell but by the presence of heaven, itself. And with that in mind, we are making a case for who gets to heaven and who doesn’t; who gets even with peace and who has whatever piece of GOD in them snapped out. We are making a case for those who would get to know the verdict of eternity and how it is reached in such a way that it’s validity for the entirety of humanity is by the full measure of justice and the morality that transcends all local and innate standards – corrupt as they may be.

My lords, with all these, there’s just one way to state it as simply and as concise as it is: To get to heaven, one should be in heaven. In order to partake of the bliss of heaven, one must be and live by the currency of heaven. To be a part of heaven, one must live under the command of heaven.

There is a mutuality that is required for all lthose whose goal is heaven. It is that you seek the interest of heaven in everything so that you’ll find heaven in everything and everything speaks heaven and then you have nothing but heaven in you, within you and with you would be heaven so that when you leave the earth, you allign to heaven. To enter heaven, you must have heaven in you. We cannot prosper disparity on earth towards heaven and expect a surety of entry in to heaven. Your Grace, my lords, this is heaven!

Is heaven for the perfect alone, you might ask? Well perfection is not to be defined by worldy standards if it is the merit for heavenly standards. Perfection, therefore, is holding life the way heaven holds life. It is doing what heaven does, in heaven, on earth. it is being heaven on earth. It is reflecting what is in heaven while you are on earth. It is showing heaven to the earth. That is perfection; and everything of good report comes under this umbrella definition. Should we be perfect? Yes! Because until we have imbibed heaven into our being, we cannot be imbibed into heaven’s being.

How do you imbibe heaven into this sinful nature on earth? It is to accept the way of heaven as our way, to accept it as the truth and to live it as life. It is to accept JESUS as CHRIST and LORD – as HE is the way, the truth and life.

Your Grace, my Lords, this is my submission!

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