Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

BOND 362

Dear Peace Martins,


Before you send me your thoughts on Angel Gabriel’s verdict – one no human could naturally predict – with Zacharias and Mary, I need to tell you about “Cooking GOD up”.

If we could cook GOD up, would GOD come out the way GOD is, now? Would GOD have a longer beard? Would HE love the colour black? Would HE be SHE? Would our cooking be suitable enough to whet our appetite for GOD? If made GOD, would we believe in GOD? Would it still be worth it to pray and would prayers be answered if we are the ones who created the creator? Random thoughts – all good if you’ve got no answers, me too.

So sometimes, when we want evidence of GOD or proof of life, we are gathering cooking ingredients to make GOD. It’s like asking, “if you are GOD, show your face” then, “hold still let’s take a selfie”. Then, “I need to post this on the gram and tag my homies” and then we would type, “chilling with the creator, he’s got chills yo”.

I reckon we have a problem of only believing GOD if we can prove GOD to others. How about we start with believing GOD because GOD is worth believing in and then we can progress to believing GOD because He is proof to us.

I’m going to pull an all-night search party season and we shall unravel the foot of GOD BURIED somewhere in our natures with a sarcastic, “GOD was here” slogan although I’ll prefer a “GOD is here” note dangling from my heart. Shuu Conflict! The point is, we need to start having faith – at least even if it is just a replica of the same belief we have that our keyboards would represent our inputted keys or that our messaging apps would send our texts.

Peace, we don’t actually need signs to believe in the design of GOD. Quote me.

When we depend on what we can understand to explain who we cannot understand, we are damaging the core part of us that sees what our eyes cannot see until our eyes can see. I’m typing this because if GOD is real then there would be a counterfeit. That’s what I wanted to say in this letter before CONFLICT took over.

CONFLICT and I – thanks for observing the different beings – are trying to justify the justification of GOD without an unjust bias and we found ourselves trying to identify the fruits. We were trying to examine the culinary process. Is it GOD who is cooking for our faith or is it the devil cooking up our faith? Can we say that those motivations which we have or those inspirations which we calve by, or those exhibitions and manifestations we are driven to are GOD’s and not from the gods of our thoughts and minds? Can we say that it is GOD Who said what we said or that it is the way GOD asked us to say it that we said it?

And that is one reason I say “Glorify JESUS”: to remind me of my saintly-sworn duty.

These were the questions we wanted to answer. But we never settled in…sleep came and perhaps vigils are not our thing. But here’s what I am sharing with you on this issue of evidence and GOD being justified to even exist. Not here, Peace, next paragraph.

If we are only convinced of GOD by miracles and signs, or our test for GOD’s presence are the wonders of great innovations or if our thirsts for GOD is only fanned by what GOD can give, then we have set up shop for the devil. Why? Because the devil – or Satan or the serpent and whoever is on shift, at the time – is also stirring the pot of miracles.

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons…well asking them to lay low for a while – at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher’s s it borrowed on the way from hell.

Long story short the devil is giving us signs if it is signs that make us sign up for the faith.

So what distinguishes the work of GOD from that of the devil? The intention. If the miracles are aimed at elevating the body and not nourishing the soul, peace and nature of GOD in us, then the devil just served a meal.

And if the miracle doesn’t remind us of the eternal hunger for heaven above other things then the devil’s bakery is open for business.

Then if the miracle doesn’t reflect GOD’s jealousy – which is shown in HIS grace of sanctioned salvation, if the miracle does not point to the spoken signature of GOD’s word then the devil has offered dessert.

If we cannot recognise the work of GOD and distinguish from the devil, if we cannot observe our FATHER’s design and differentiate it from the stranger’s work, if we can’t decide to be in the family of heaven after JESUS died to adopt us, if we can not unite with heaven and untie our ties with hell, then, we are undeserving of the existence.

I’ll continue but CONFLICT insists on getting new pens to write and we must go g–

With love
Olatunde and CONFLICT

We can only truly know it’s GOD working when HE tells us. So we need to chat GOD up.

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