A con-man without the con 5

BOND 363

Welcome back to this interview session with Jacob, a patriarch and son of Laughter.

Now, Jacob, you met with Pharaoh in Egypt and had an interesting encounter; up until that point, you considered your life a pilgrimage, why?

We are all pilgrims. With the blessing of GOD comes the consciousness that earthly life is temporal; all we have, now, goes as they have come. My grandfather lived in tents because he was always journeying (Genesis 12: 8). Life, itself, is a journey and we are always moving. Moving out of our father’s house (Genesis 12: 1-5; 28: 5), setting forth to find love (Genesis 28:2), moving to get meaning in life, returning home (Genesis 31:3), fleeing danger (Genesis 31:20) or even coming to the comfort of a fulfilled prophecy (Genesis 46: 3-7). We are always moving from where we are to where GOD is taking us to. For me, I realised that my completeness rests in the future of GOD’s covenant being fulfilled and not just now (Genesis 6:18). So when I spoke to Pharaoh, I consider my life a pilgrimage not a current and complete definition of total being (Genesis 47:9). From life, I am a pilgrim through death to another life, eternal.

You have a controversial way with your final blessings. Was that intentional or providential?

It was only intentional because it was providential. I found myself blessing based on my vision of the future (Genesis 48:19; 49: 1), in blessing my household, I had to be a prophet of GOD to tell them what was to come (Genesis 49:1). In being my household or being part of the family of Abraham, they were already blessed. In belonging to GOD and being emissaries of GOD’s Will on earth, we are already blessed by a blessing that cannot be cursed. My role was to activate the consciousness to that blessing so freely given. I was intentional. The blessings I made were to stamp an earthly authority upon what heaven had already judged. Our responsibility is to affirm what heaven confirms so that was why I did what I did. Blessing and placing a younger before the elder (Genesis 48: 19), judging some for instability of purpose and disrespect (Genesis 49: 4), visiting the unruly anger of some (Genesis 49: 6 & 7), rewarding steadfast natures (Genesis 49: 9 & 10; 25 & 26), giving duties to some (Genesis 49: 16; 20), granting victory to another (Genesis 49: 19). In blessing my sons, I was setting their course of life not just for them but for those after them (Genesis 49: 28). In that you can say providence was at work.

Jacob, we’ll like to end at this point because if we move further, you’ll be dead (Genesis 49: 33).


But If I may, on a final note: GOD was identified as being your GOD like say, “the GOD of Jacob…”. What would that mean to people?

It should mean a milestone. If you would like to trace how GOD HAS COME to humanity, you would need to meet with the life and standard of Jacob, called Israel. Not just for hereditary but for how I walked with GOD. But it doesn’t tie GOD to me because I didn’t encounter all of GOD – no man can. But one thing I can say is through us, GOD shows a character of HIS which is to always direct humanity. All the major things we – Abraham, Isaac and Israel – did were because GOD said or commanded or instructed. Note that. Was it leaving a lifestyle, behind (Genesis 12:1) – we cannot be reborn in salvation without GOD’s leading by HIS voice which is itself, conviction; was it possessing a strange land for an inheritance (Genesis 12: 7); was it fighting for a course of preservation (Genesis 12: 17); was about being blessed (Genesis 15: 18; 21:1 & 2). It was all because GOD said. The completeness of life rests on being led by GOD because until GOD leads us, we cannot lead a life that is pleasing to GOD.

Thank you, Jacob.

Thank you fellow GOD’sBondMan.

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