To the shape of GOD

BOND 364

A dedication of all I’ve needed to say

To all the unread messages that GOD left us

And all the unfinished conversations we leave GOD in

To all the expectations we have of GOD that fight the very essence of GOD

To the inabilities of GOD which we claim in our abilities

To all our desires for GOD to meet our desires at the expense of HIS desires

To all the times GOD was a mother and we expected HIM to be so

To the unfaithful natures of our faith

To all our self-exalting testimonies of GOD
and to all our reputations that fight the many inspirations from GOD

To all of us who use GOD as an excuse but excuse ourselves from GOD with many other excuses

To all the unrighteous things that righteous people do in the name of GOD

To all alto singers and their special spots in heaven’s choir

TO the impious (wo)man learning how to be pious by looking inwardly at GOD’S portraits within

To our first steps towards GOD, baby-like and endearing

To all the shapes and sizes of GOD made in HIS image

To all evil, vile as a veil separating us from GOD

To GOD calling our switched off hearts and to voicemail prayer-lines.

To all the unknown sins that GOD must forgive us for not knowing

To knowing everything because GOD made sure of that

To all the times we’ve grieved GOD By lowering the volume of HIS voice in us

To all the mistakes we’ve made tying to edit the stories of us which GOD HAS written

To all the plot-twists of our lives that GOD laughs over

To a laughing altar spitting fire and brimstone with a hell of a pun

To all the puns we use to fight being pawns to porn

To the irony of accusing GOD even when we are not in HIS Will.

To all the questions GOD asks us which stand as judgement of our characters

To all the pains we feel because we did not welcome GOD to our hearts

To our logic and other names we call our stupidity by

To the end of our chances at finding our pure beginnings

To searching from GOD for GOD
to searching of GOD: a form of GOD

to finally seeing GOD’s Face in the mirror and how unwittingly we have rejected ourselves, too

To being hosts of the kingdom of heaven because of our large hearts

To unwritten lines of this piece which did not survive the delivery of memory

To memories we share with GOD which wake us up at nights

To the rain that reminds us of GOD’s restraint

To justice and fairness which is also our condemnation if we are sincere

To talking about butterflies, one day I will.

To the Christian boy still struggling to love himself the right way

To the Christian girl and all the struggles she has to face for being

To our rants and unrequired retorts

To anger and its many baits to sin

To the fire that cooks our meals and to the mills that warm our fire

To unfinished businesses with demons

And to looming destruction of the stuttering pulpit

To all the bonds I’ve written because GOD whispered

And the bonds I’ve written because I whispered to GOD

To everything I’ve forgotten to share for fear or for where they’d would go

To incompleteness which reminds us to have faith in our completion, GOD.

to those who didn’t make it this far in this piece and to those who get to the end, still waiting and perhaps wanting

To our patient prayers we make like children togging at the robes of GOD

to those who celebrate the downfall of others

To the calm river

To those who drink from the rivers flowing from YHWH’s singing

To all the concepts we cannot trap in a book or blog post or conversation

To all the transformations our friends hate

To little bears, pink, stubborn provocations…

To the love which is a thespian

To finding an end to this piece

To thinking, dreaming, and speaking

With Love


One thought on “To the shape of GOD

  1. To God who can be seen in every simple detail.
    To God who is intentional with Love.
    To God that conisistently frames and molds.
    To God who resides in me, restricted by nothing as long as I believe.
    It is always to God, to whom my soul belongs to.


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