Written in Biblical-verse form

BOND 365

1 In GOD – who is our creator and by whose words we are in all HIS glory made perfect such that when we are out of HIS glory we are not who – we are as we should 2 may glory and praise be to the love of our eternal father who loves us for the essence in our souls which is a reflection of HIS image and like HIM, we are made 3 who saved us before the call for salvation and who is our salvation before we are in need 4 it is by HIS peace that we are 5 it is by the call of GOD that we can answer to life in our breaths 6 and by HIS love, we are made fulfilled to the glory of HIS Name 7 in this, we can rejoice because for as long as GOD is, we cannot fail even if we attempted to 8 yet GOD works in our wills to see that we do not do that which would taint our love for HIM or propel us to be at odds with HIS Name 9 therefore, GOD gave to us HIS Word which is a reminder of HIM both to our weak bones that we may walk and to our affections that we may live 10 by HIS word, HE has made us but by HIS Word, HE has saved us and by HIS word, HE has shown us the way back to HIM whenever we are lost in sin 11 for this reason, we have an assurance that as long as GOD has said a word concerning us, then not only has GOD not forgotten us but HE has fulfilled us beyond our obstacles 12 for there is no obstacle in the word of GOD, not one limitation abounds in GOD’s word 13 not darkness, not strife, not formlessness, not death, nor shame can refute the power of the LORD, our creator who before the words were, was 14 and for our lives, we can say that when GOD speaks HIS words to us we are strengthened with the life of GOD to execute the life of the word and live the life of GOD upon the earth 15 in our lives – if they are submitted to GOD or if we fall into the covenant-train of GOD – we can see GOD speaking HIS word which is sharpening our lives 16 just like Abraham who without knowing was living the work of GOD in every breath, paying the price and being paid a price so high in saving humanity 17 in living under the work of GOD, Jacob felt it not a burden to live by the word of GOD 18 In living by GOD, we don’t feel the hurts of life as the hurts of life are felt 19 yes we know that there is pain in the world and there are burdens that are felt but it is GOD who embellishes our follower-ship with strength to overcome the pain of yokes 20 for HIS yoke is light and burden without regret 21 and the burden which we bear is but a testament to the suffering of JESUS 22 in us, we have the work of GOD working for us and through us 23 in GOD’s presence our woes on earth – which must come – would be unto us like days though they be the length of years 24 it is GOD’s peace which is our reward 25 it is GOD’s peace which is our certainty of HIS Coming 26 it is GOD’s Peace that keeps us alive – in GOD – for the joy of eternity 27 it is GOD’s peace that is our certainty of Eden’s restoration 28 when it is GOD who tells us what we do, it is HIS peace that certifies us of life, forever.

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