BOND 366


It’s what now? 5 years and counting? It’s been 5 years and we’re still uncertain before every high moment. We still have jitters, we still wonder, we still get stuck in our over-reaching expectations. We are still hungry for valuable intentions. We still want more because you need more and because I know there is always more. It’s a blessing to be uncertain. To not be on control and to be a vessel, a tool in the creation process just as the word of creation, or light or the presence of time, day and night. CONFLICT, it’s okay to not agree with others on the division of the day but let’s keep our arguments out of the way…just as we need to keep our mental notes of people out of the way when GOD is using us to help them see him. We shouldn’t use our weaknesses to dampen the strength of others, Dad always says, remember? Learn that buddy and maybe one day, you wouldn’t have to confess publicly in every piece all in the name of being an authentic voice.

Speaking of voice, CONFLICT, there is a voice before every adage and what is a thought without the voice to carry the words? In my view, our tools of projecting the juice is just as important as the juice. Which is where the uncertainty rests. In our bid to do things our own way, we get stuck between two good options which are always too good to be left out, every time. There is a choice before the stage. No one sees the part of wailing and crying or throwing away squeezed papers or burning manuscripts and with them your shame…our shameful attempts to replicate perfection by mindful partitions. No one sees what makes the milestones (yes, except mum who sees her scattered room) worth counting but everyone is there for the milestones. There, to celebrate and congratulate. CONFLICT, quit complaining, behave yourself and be glad for that. We all have our roles. Ours is located in the row of those who make theirs possible, the beam and timber in the fancy house that no one sees. The foundation we all trample on without apology.

But in this case of repercussions – which our choices present – there’s this one thing I must reiterate because it seems you’ve not been listening. I’ll say this slowly in hopes that sarcasm doesn’t get in the way. We are a preacher and not a performer and certainly not a perfumer. Our audience is GOD. What others get is what GOD GIVES. Invariably, we are dancing to someone who knows the music and who sees why we dance more than how we’ve danced. We are before the one who knows us better than we do. Best to come clean and be at service perhaps our glory suffices after we’ve given glory to the one who’s worth all of it. Don’t always be loud because it’s not for the crowd, what we do is not the work of the majority.

Then we get to your name. CONFLICT. I’ve tried to rename you and you’ve found a way back Every time. Your name says we are at war and always at war for peace. Your name says it all for humanity: in a constant rumble to decide who comes first: GOD or the others. When we think of how many are against GOD in us, there is need for holy aggression in speaking out for truth. In speaking truth to truth, we take up fearlessness because we know that we fight for our own beings when we stand by the side of God, the supreme being.

In essence this year, CONFLICT, because evil has also grown older and subtler and wiser and more grievous, we both – not equally – have a responsibility to be conscious of GOD’s desires this year; to always ask, to always seek and to knock on every door we are asked to just to get them to see GOD the way we’ve seen GOD; the same way the woman of Sychar saw JESUS and ran to proclaim. CONFLICT, let’s proclaim.

Lastly CONFLICT. If you are highly celebrated then perhaps GOD isn’t in it at intention or execution stages. So yes, be careful so you don’t become an abomination into GOD. It’s a narrow way, so we need to cut-off a lot to fit right into our places in GOD.

I’m typing this with teary eyes because. I’ve never been so love by anyone the way I’ve been loved by GOD. A love that doesn’t hurt anything but that which seeks to hurt me. A love that is “the love”, bold, never old and best felt than told or best measured in preciousness far greater than weights in gold. GOD’s love is spiritual and undying eternal, forever and we ought to love GOD back; you and I ought to love GOD with all we have and hope that all we have is not too small to compare with HIS efforts for us.

So what’s our vow, now?

It is to be a channel through which GOD rotates from heaven to earth and back. Let our heart be GOD’s temples and second home and by this we have made a home for GOD just a HE as made a Home for us. CONFLICT, in this case, we can play second fiddle and put GOD first.

Have a beautiful birthdate, CONFLICT

Olatunde Ọbáfémi


Guy you owe me an album…just saying

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