All Men Are Scum: Ellipsis

In the declaration, "men are scum", we have, in ourselves, an ellipsis of reality that we are all helpless and in need of saving; that daily, we groan with all creation, waiting to be annexed for the good that we were made to be. We say that there is more to all these that we find joy in and only if we could reach for that one thing. In saying we are scum, we are asking to be cleansed…

The Virtues and Vices of Polygamy

Another point is that with polygamy comes the need to constantly judge – not just character but the array of choices. You'll need to know good and evil, good from evil and it goes on and on. Every contact has two sides…you need to decide on which is which. That’s the true conflict and it’s all happening inside you, first.

Musings of Potiphar’s Wife

BOND 280 Gentlemen and lady, we must be careful. In re-enacting this Biblical scenery, we must bear it in mind that it is as prevalent, now, as it was back then. Hear me out, hear me out! We have the rich and power man who is stereotypically too busy being what he is and then … Continue reading Musings of Potiphar’s Wife

To The Angel of the Church of “You”

BOND 278 To the angel of the Church of You and me, write our owner and head. If the body has left the head, it is without consciousness and direction. If the body has dismembered itself, one body part after the other or has remained without order on account of disagreement and disunity of purpose, … Continue reading To The Angel of the Church of “You”

The Trial of Brother Uzzah

BOND 276 There is always the question on the presence and potency of mercy. In the case of Uzzah versus GOD, here are a few questions on Mercy that were inspired from this: Is it always found in the absence of error, alone? Or is it just pretense? Does GOD have mercy, selectively? Does mercy … Continue reading The Trial of Brother Uzzah


BOND 275 Dear Oyin, I'm writing this for myself but also for those like me – like you, sometimes. Like all of us who – like us – are plagued with the misery of crying out so beautifully. Whose bleeding hearts are art. People applaud at our pain and at how well crafted our minds … Continue reading THE CONFLICT OF BEING LIKE THE MESSIAH

The Patient Narrative of Zebedee

BOND 274 For many, there would be a whole chapter written about them; for some, a few verses; for a few, a whole book and for this one – whose heartbeat gave mine peace – the whole blessed Bible. Yet, none of us are without importance. We are all blocks being built beautifully by the … Continue reading The Patient Narrative of Zebedee