BOND 105: Altar

The man shall alter disorder with the order of GOD until no separation will be between man and GOD

BOND 104: Wrestling

This man – in moving hand-to-hand and face-to-face and thigh-to-thigh, deliberating with creator about the fate of creation in faith – receives that which gives meaning to being and it was made.


My fear is rooted deep in my belief, it is the mantra that without GOD, I am nothing and it is GOD who is the substance and bearing of whatever I have been and shall become.

BOND 102: Offering

Do you wish to surrender to GOD because this same GOD had – before sin – surrendered all HIS work, on earth, to you? Do you want to surrender all that HE saw was good and placed in your hands to do good for and with? If you should surrender then you shall surrender what … Continue reading BOND 102: Offering

BOND 101: Repentance

If the adversary of your life seeks to bring to your consciousness the evils you have repented of and rent your clothes in contrite restitution, give a deaf ear.


You give reasons for being and why this is this and that is that and why this is not that or that is not this and you are fought for it. The very mention of being different in the way you are upsets the balance of this world. I observed more times than a dozen that in the very moment I say, “I love GOD, I believe GOD and I follow GOD because I trust GOD and GOD is to me as light is to see" the earth begins to rotate in a contrary sequence.

Believe VI

Do you believe? Yes, I believe. How do you believe? I pray, I say and in the day, I do... I stay and I pay and I keep in the way. I lay off weights, and rise to make hay and receive every message of GOD by the rays of the sun. I talk to … Continue reading Believe VI

Believe V

Do you believe? Yes, I believe. Who do you believe? I believe GOD. I believe GOD is Father and beginning. I believe GOD is priest and evening. I believe GOD is JESUS and JESUS is GOD. I believe in JESUS and all HE lived, reached, preached, healed, fought, died, resurrected and ascended for. I believe … Continue reading Believe V

Believe IV

Do you believe? Yes, I believe. Where do you believe? …in front of a gold-plaited temptation; before hunger; at crucifixion – like a thief hanging beside the saviour; in famine; at near-death and equal death situations; on fear; in fire; standing by the fig-tree which is barren; before barren lands burnt by wild fire which … Continue reading Believe IV