Why GOD is not the “Tool of GOD”

The purpose of the miraculous is to draw you back to the place you ought to be. The miracle is not its own finality.

The Truth About Lies

The lie is asking a round peg to fit into a square hole because it would be nice if it did. The lie is distorting order for the purpose of tasting the sweetness of disorder regardless of the after-state of bitterness and death.

MOSES: A Proof of GOD’s Existence in visible Absence

Humanity needed to be saved from death; thus, JESUS died to save us into life. For GOD’sBondMan, GOD uses what we need to be delivered from to deliver us in form.


And the authority of GOD is found in the minority of truth which is not the majority of sooth against the works of truth.


I am grateful for beginnings; for the ends of beginnings, that is, for the purpose of beginnings; for beginnings: why and while they begin and end. I'm grateful for what I know and what I am knowing but most importantly for what I shall know. I'm grateful to GOD for being bound by the beginnings … Continue reading Grateful

Bond 129: JOSEPH, the godly

For the godly, sin is (great) wickedness to GOD. The excuse for sin is death. The reason to abstain from sin is not tied to the human understanding or preview of the consequences of said-sin but to the sovereign outlook of GOD.

Bond 128: Jacob

It is for struggling to be blessed not with the riches of the world but with the divine signature of approval; it is for striving to please GOD…


My FATHER: who is my Heaven, Be praised! Thank YOU for how life happens; And how my health in YOUR Wellness sharpens my understanding of YOU. Thank YOU for all YOU do; and for leaving bits and clues as YOU move through me to induce the best I can be. Thank YOU for being as … Continue reading BOND 127: PRAYER

Bond 126: Rebekah

For Rebekah, it was not different. To walk against the traffic of (wrong) tradition(s) and obey the Voice of GOD; to be drenched in obedience enough to be used as a vessel – regardless of adverse effect.