When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but its notifications are always buzzing - murder in Sweden, lying in Brazil, theft in Quebec, fornication in Pretoria, Masturbation in Abba. I need to make this statement again, I got distracted by the devil's buzzing phone. When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but when we love GOD, we set the devil on (destructive) fire.

GOD’s Got Me

GOD gets to me in my memories, in my hate, in my love, in my joy, my pain, my tiredness, my cloudy days, dancing in the rain; in my hopes, in silence, in desire, in weakness, in my humanity, in shadows, in closed doors, in rocky mountain-climbs, in slow-paced walks, in daydreaming, in dusty road-paths, in words, in letters, in phone-calls, in conversations, in sounds going and coming, in regrets conquered by true faith, on screens, on keyboards, on empty papers filled with words later, on cold-nights.

The Confluence between Spirituality and physicality: A Letter

You'll know that every conversation counts, every image you look upon, every friend you keep, every book you read, every piece of music you listen to, every desire you act upon, every acre of lust, every meter of dust you thread upon, counts. Everything matters and matter is everything!


JESUS ends with the purpose of salvation because that's where we should begin. If you ever want to know where to start in obedience to GOD, begin where JESUS ended on Earth. It was to leave fresh in our memories the most important things to deal with: preach salvation by GOD to everyone (Mark 16:15), all who believe, would denounce fellowship with the world and follow GOD and those who follow GOD would not be condemned to an eternity of nothingness (Mark 16:16), and there would be signs to validate the words of salvation so that those who couldn't believe at testimony would believe at the abundant feats which are extraordinary (Mark 16:17 & 18).


John was to prepare the hearts of the people to see the need for JESUS (Mark 1:2-5) because JESUS was to save them by empowerment to live for GOD (Mark 1:8). John was aware of his duty just as much as JESUS was (Mark 1: 7-8). John preached Repentance from sin and JESUS brought an understanding against sin with an empowerment over sin.


First of all, I need people to understand that what is right isn't always going to sit well with people in authority. I reckon that which is right which we don't feel comfortable with is the key to vital change if we are truthful about reformative life. Which is why this episode of righteous anarchy staged by JESUS was about going back to the root of instituted repentance. HE simply gave the reason for what we now know as holy gatherings.


However, JESUS could tell those who were following HIM for the right reasons and the parables were key to sieving them from those who followed for wrong and selfish reasons. It was an appetizer to some and to others, a buffer. However, this style of parables was also a reflection of HIS composition; it showed us that HE had the grasp of wisdom to condense the high value of GOD to the low person.