You need to Hug Jesus: A Comfort for Distress

Will it have been any different if I was born in the time of Jesus - well not in the same year so that I wouldn't be killed by Herod but - in the generation of Jesus? Would it have been any different if I attended one of his sermons personally or ate from the bread and fish he had multiplied to feed people? Would it have helped me believe if I witnessed a miracle of Jesus or if I saw Him crucified?

Jesus: Before GOD and Man VI

Forget prophet, Jesus was the prophecy, fulfilled. Even those who were in darkness could finally see because light had come to the world...Jesus was in the world. He preached too.... Photo:

Day6 – Forgive OR FORGRIEVE

I would have called a legion, just a legion of angels, to show them who they were messing with....

Jesus: Before God and Man V

Famished beyond human constraints. In that want to make the man in his unity weak and wounded. Yet by the stripe of comfort in the mission ahead, he was healed. The tempter was a dead end and wrong...

Jesus: Before God and Man IV

But to those who walk by sight and not by faith, those who see only as far as they can, there was no messiah, yet. As long as there were no angelic legions dropping from the sky like rain to destroy the reigns of the Caeser and his cohorts...

Jesus: Before God and Man IIl

Could this have been Moses himself who held the commandments as tablets of stones?

Jesus: Before God and Man II

Nevertheless, Herod thought it was a game for thrones that a baby would seek his throne. If only he knew that he was merely keeping it warm on earth. He plunged into his kingdom, killing the future of it in search of his own redemption. God proved man weaker than man knew and every sword...

JESUS: Before GOD and man I

Yet with God - within - was pain, the agony of being fought for the light being sought. No hardship was censored, no census made it easier but night fell in homage as a king suffered not himself to be found in the root of all humble beginnings. Sheep watched their shepherd born and horses galoped in joy. 

JESUS: Before GOD and man – Preview

God didn't sound good to man but neither did crucifixion, even Satan, for the first time was out of the loop and found no loop-hole until God recovered the dominion he stole from the beginning Of human times.  Photocredit: