You need to Hug Jesus: A Comfort for Distress

Will it have been any different if I was born in the time of Jesus – well not in the same year so that I wouldn’t be killed by Herod but – in the generation of Jesus?

Would it have been any different if I attended one of his sermons personally or ate from the bread and fish he had multiplied to feed people? Would it have helped me believe if I witnessed a miracle of Jesus or if I saw Him crucified?

Wait a moment, would it have meant more if he had appeared to me within the 40days of his appearance? Would my hopes have been alive or would I have doubted, still?

During a recent reflection, I realised that the true manifestation of Faith in Jesus wouldn’t have been stronger if I experienced Jesus in person than it would be now if I actually just believe. (Before you argue, there were many who saw him and still didn’t believe). It turns out, I don’t need to be born in the time of Jesus to experience Him as real as he is.

Jesus didn’t visit the whole world but the whole world sure felt Him and feel Him till today. And thats aside having our calender after His earthly existence.


Believing in Jesus requires more than his physical presence – this would be great too – but holding on to His Word is as good as giving Jesus a big hug, a really big hug! And thats how you hug Jesus by holding onto His word. So, whenever we feel we need an evidence of Him being with us, let’s keep John 14: 16 – 20 in mind.

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.
                                                                                  – John 14:16‭-‬20 KJV

The evidence of Jesus and His faithfulness is found in the Holy Spirit, our comforter and master guide whose seeming absence means His presence. So today, when – not if – you are faced with the issues of the world, turn to Jesus in a prayer and the Holy spirit would guide you into all truth. Give Jesus a big hug and study a His word – found in the Bible – and listen to Him when – not if – He speaks and you would be strengthened; I assure you!

Now, go ahead, hug Jesus…😊


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Jesus: Before GOD and Man VI

​A prophet is not known in his village. 

Forget prophet, Jesus was the prophecy, fulfilled. Even those who were in darkness could finally see because light had come to the world…Jesus was in the world. He preached too, “leave darkness and follow me”…Well it was more like, “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”. 

The kingdom was near and within them, walking like man would. 

And referring to healing, Jesus made a statement so that the whole region of Syria knew something good had begun, a movement, a course but little did they know how important. That a seed sown in the region of Palestine would save the world from the doom it was threaded upon. 

Jesus, before GOD and man, made a number of statements. For once, when he saw fishermen, he gave them a bountiful catch and more than just to catch their attention but that he could transform them from fishermen to fishers of men. This separation was one only a master of the renewal of the mind could perform. Simon was fretful, how such fortune could befall a man of great sin like himself.

Then again, how could a wretched world like ours play “host” to the creator of all things. 

No man who beholds God should turn away the same. John and James too, left their father, the family fortune and all the earthly possessions to follow a Nazarene. 

Without hypnosis, they surrendered all at the feet of Jesus, with no ulterior motives, they laid a sacrifice of themselves. 

Jesus, graceful in splendour did not appoint Scribes or the most-learned of the time as disciples but he began with fishers; started from the bottom of the chain of relevance, he picked the equivalent of twenty-first century…fishermen. No difference really.

He stooped low, conquering so that glory may always be to God and not to the intellect of men. 

He came to forgive sins, a power belonging only to God. Jesus before GOD was powerful but suffered the simplicity of his ordinance. And when he chose a publican, a cheat and a snitch to the Roman empire for a disciple, he asserted, “physician” as he was “came for the sick and not those who were ‘well‘”. The Pharisees as far as they were concerned had found  him a contender of wisdom. Jesus, before man was blameless and full of understanding, the grasp of all things that are.

Day6 – Forgive OR FORGRIEVE

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Luke 23:34 KJV

The people who ordered JESUS’ death, they didn’t know they were killing an incarnate of their creator. Then again, they didn’t want to know. Yet, He, going through the pain – the most shameful of that time – decided to forgive. I wouldn’t lie to you, if I were JESUS, I would have called a legion, just a legion of angels, to show them who they were messing with. I guess I’m still like that but we are all works in progress through faith in Jesus. 

Forgiveness is trading hurt for love. 

In the real sense, its letting go of the hurt for love to set in.

 Jesus was wise…still is. He let off the hurt which grieving over their wrong-doing would cause him by choosing to love them. In other words, forgiveness makes you light and gives you light too. So instead of grieving over the hurt, no matter how deep, learn to heal by forgiving. Jesus did it, still does it with us. 

Imagine Jesus doesnt forgive us (lets not go there). The devil has accused us on several occassions but thank God its forgiveness that always comes up as the verdict. YOU ARE HEREBY SENTENCED TO FORGIVENESS. THANK YOU JESUS. Be like Jesus, forgive! 

Jesus: Before God and Man V

…and not a man asking to be baptized. Nevertheless, God’s wisdom is foolishness to man. In fact, the means by which our understanding is made simple into shame.

But this spirit of truth guided Jesus into the wilderness a treacherous abode of the lost and forgotten. And JESUS fasted in spirit and flesh and was afterwards hungry. Famished beyond human constraints. In that want to make the man in his unity weak and wounded. Yet by the stripe of comfort in the mission ahead, he was healed. The tempter was late…at a dead end and wrong. 

Turn your abilities to a success story

He hoped to dissuade the ultimate goal by bread but bred in God as Jesus was the filling in the words of Power and strength. 

This man shall not live by the physical need to succeed but by the approved instruction of God. Jesus was not willing to separate God from man, not here and not ever.

The tempter was patient, a skill he learnt from his creator (another day; another story). He asked yet again: 
Go into the high places and set down your peace. Become as the wind and dare God to be God…if He is God…
Jesus was the light to all understand who knew whence the tempter came and must go. You should never dare God or enqure if He is…to speculate the existence of God is to speculate the existence of self. Tempt not Your God, oh man. Again, God and man won a victory together.
The tempter was weary and with no time to wander. It seemed the more He tried, the more this trial ruled in favour of the union of God and man: Jesus. The tempter could not put asunder what Jesus had become. So he unveiled himself. Naked before Jesus, he showed the bliss of the world and all that was. The fraudster was willing to give all to have even more. 

Bow down and worship…

This bargain was a bar too high for him to gain. And as Joseph stood before Potiphar’s wife so too Jesus before the Tempter. 

How can i do this great wickedness against God and unto man. Be gone! Incomplete light:darkness.

Defeat is sore and being placed under the feet of God and man, Satan was rebuked and the devil left him to be in peace. The Prince of peace won, as always. Three temptation proved too little but the patent-right to humanity was bought back, the ministry to set free and make free was free to mount its wings. Angels descended to earth, not to war but to join in the peace-keeping force.

Jesus: Before God and Man IV

These Pharisees, well they apparently saw far enough, into the sky maybe. Waiting for the Messiah, the anointed one whose eminence would liberate them. Liberate them from the Romans, sadly, they needed to be liberated from themselves first. And John, was right. The man who smelt like wild honey and animal skin but spoke about cleansing from sins by baptism. He was right. They were an accursed generation. 

The truth was and is that the messiah was God. He was man too and before God and man He had been. A few had seen him: Simeon who stood before the gates of death waiting to behold him. The prophetess too, Anna, who proclaimed without minsing words. They had seen God in the flesh, the incorruptible quickening spirit who, like the first Adam, bore the creed of creating a new order. 

But to those who walk by sight and not by faith, those who see only as far as they can, there was no messiah, yet. As long as there were no angelic legions dropping from the sky like rain to destroy the reigns of the Caeser and his cohorts. No one expected the Messiah to be a peaceful person, let alone, the Prince of peace. Worst still from Nazareth, the first question was:

Where is this Nazareth we speak of?

Anyway, this Carpenter was now a preacher who loved the fifth book of the Torah. No telling what to expect; he seemingly didn’t stand out much except for the counternance of peace and the wisdom from heaven to earth. 

And when John, the Baptist, beheld God wearing the skin of man, he proclaimed and prophecied about the one who would take away all sin, well the power of it at first glance. Within him he struggled: who was he to emmence the Christ for repentance.

Sir, i am not worthy. Not even to touch your shoe-lace or walk in your shadow.

But you see, “righteousness is righteousness is righteousness”. No law was broken, no border trespassed. And him in the glory of all the heaven, died in the waters of Jordan, further taking hold of the flesh and the nature of the fallen. In his resurrection, heaven witnessed and an envoy of the most holy spirit rested on Jesus as a declaration to clear all doubts. 

Behold men, God walks among you

This love to associate with sins and create a bond to save those in dire need of being saved. These Pharisees speculated, could this be or be this could? Their resolve was certain: the Messiah is a warrior to save…

Jesus: Before God and Man IIl

God and man paid together. And this union could not have been broken by a foil.

12 years a carpenter and Jesus wore this veil. Finding grace before God and man was the blood running through his veil…vein.

Becoming familiar with the temple reawakened the mission in a bit. He spoke to elders as an elder; never had they seen wisdom in the purest of its form. Could this have been Moses himself who held the commandments as tablets of stones? No thank you.

His parents misplaced him for 3 days and like a foresight of the future which he was to endure, he went about his father’s business. Joseph was reminded:

This child is not your own.

But Jesus studied, studied man and studied of God too. The Torah was a guide but the HolySpirit was the guide. From a town best kept in “nowhere” he fortified himself for 30 years as a Nazarene prepared to wear the crown of persecution to create a path into the light of salvation.

Jesus: Before God and Man II

It proved light and darkness can never truce, his birth, it proved it all. That light which lighteth all men bore witness that its source had arrived the earth.

A glitter which the sky wasn’t familiar with flushed the night’s darkness and changed the course of stars, gazed.

Stargazing felt an earthquake, skyquaked with a new light and wise men sort its source.

Prophecy and divination for once spoke the truth without echoing: behold the king of the Jews.

Excuse me, please, the king of the world, of the living and dead too. Herod was disgraced at foreign attention seeking manger-mysteries mounted miles-deep into his kingdom. The coward fled from light or how else to explain the hesitation to seek his creator too. Pride led to being ditched (for now, I’ll skip him too).

They brought him gifts, each, a symbol of a tradition, a segment of life worshipping. For the king, for the healer and for the judge. If only the world was as wise…the puzzle was not too scattered to be pieced together: God was breathing as man.

Nevertheless, Herod thought it was a game for thrones that a baby would seek his throne.

If only he knew that he was merely keeping it warm on earth. He plunged into his kingdom, killing the future of it in search of his own redemption. God proved man weaker than man knew and every sword killed the wrong babe. Blood soaked the earth and a sacrifice which had no receiver was made. Abel saw his fellow kinsmen slaughtered and they all cried out.

With an entourage of angels slow and steadily protected, God visited Africa.

Upon the shores of Egypt, Jesus before man was protected and before God was connected.

The paradox was greater as the source of Israel’s salvation went back to Egypt.

But if this was the price for paradise to be given, God and man paid to…

JESUS: Before GOD and man I

​And God, snared, by his love for himself – his nature – in man, thought it wise and through it twice to savage the savage generation, his own, from the known which must become unknown. 

Jesus (coming in the name of the Father), was the finest knight of all the heavens; fell to the state of the fallen to save the estate of the souls of all who fall yet recognize Him and believe.  

Heaven’s investment was vested with the burden to take  back that which was stolen. Not to steal from the thief but reclaim. 

No law was broken, no border violated yet God met man…woman and Mary found grace before God. She was singled among other single ladies pure and dependent on God. Even before the ring was put on it, she was put in a ring to fight for the truth. Heaven proved the reality and the truth apart and forgiveness was served before doubt could sit. 
Joseph, no more than a dreamer questioned if this was a dream. A pregnant virgin? But even signs and science was dumbfounded for heaven was found within the womb of a mortal. Mary bore the glory of all authority – to be – within. Waiting on the Messiah? With the weight in on hope, she replaced uncertainty with the first belief in God.  Apparently, the kingdom of God was within her.
Yet with God – within – was pain, the agony of being fought for the light being sought. No hardship was censored, no census made it easier but night fell in homage as a king suffered not himself to be found in the root of all humble beginnings. Sheep watched their shepherd born and horses galoped in joy. 

It was the privilege to behold the creator in flesh. Flesh and blood could not comprehend but the simple minded believed. So,  too, shepeherds were the first news-casters while casting their flock by night on the hill. The green grass glowed when angels peeped at the earth with a new mission:

 “Shout for joy!”
And an orchestra assembled to herald the orchestration of salvation from birth. 

Hold on! Placed before God, was man and peace had arrived. A truce would be staged forever; and solemnly, the body in which the begotten son of God dwelt rested in peace, asleep.

JESUS: Before GOD and man – Preview

…And referring to Jesus, who was God, yet he prayed. Per chance in the greatest of all human agony. Blood and sweat were mixed in a service of songs till concrete requests were addressed. 

God, dressed as man, bore the pain of man as man. 

The paradox was unorthodox yet a promise was set for the race, to perhaps evoke grace. The highest motif was to nationalize the human race into God’s-Race: Grace. The fourth temptation was set by self, the belief in feebleness OVER faith, left the heart speculating the fate of a mission impossible. The fourth temptation was doubt.

Thou art man, know thyself. 

Yet in buoyant minutes between leaves of denial, Man challenged God to a test, first time mortality looked upon the unseen.

“Not my will but yours be done”. 

He envisioned as the flesh was torn, marking the final defeat of the lusts of the flesh: to be lost forever. The panting was bruised and blood covered his vision to a stagger, the lust of the eyes were dismantled and upon this skin, newness wore a mantle. 

In this grief, grief grieved as joy was enjoined, till the soul enjoyed every bit of the shame.

In reverse turns, he spoke appraisals to God. God and man met by hands of God, outstretched. A signature of worship was signed, a recording deal was asserted but it seemed His praise had no rhythm to raise his supplication but in the mask of disorder, the other part of His essence: His presence spoke a better plea than Abel’s blood. 

God didn’t sound good to man but neither did crucifixion, even Satan, for the first time was out of the loop and found no loop-hole until God recovered the dominion he stole from the beginning Of human times. 

This testimony smelt like the blood of God, spilt on wood: crossed by the incense of burnt sacrifices.

And soon, first hand, God spoke to God in words only eternity could interpret. As the jury of mercy and love filed in favour of a rhythmless lesser God: man. This sentence is well punctuated until a period of rapture, where all words and wards of God would be taken home from this school: earth; where we have learnt how Abba was and is our measure of love