Why GOD is in Love with You

Think like this: GOD wears the universe like a garment and we are living on it (location as well as for sustenance), a part of it which should not be destroyed. GOD cleans us by showing us how we should be.. Like HIM, perfect by perfecting.

GOD’sBondMan: Nine [Submission]

The goal is to bear witness to truth that there is solid weakness in the lie. The goal is to hold truth by the hand and see to it that it is guarded; for Truth protects its own. The goal is to own the ambience of truth and if it hurts the person or the ego because flesh is feeble, it is for the better

Having Mercy #4 by Okuwoga Eyimofe


Having Mercy #3 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Mercy, I wrote you earlier this afternoon about how happy I was that I was progressing in my attempt to get you for myself. But tonight, I was hit and crippled by incredulity, I was drowning in sadness. I couldn't understand this feeling. I was stupid to be happy over the feel of a … Continue reading Having Mercy #3 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Having Mercy #2 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Mercy, Today was better than any other day I’ve ever spent with you aside that of the show. It may have been nothing special to you or anyone else but it was a big step for me in betraying my friend -Yinka.   I am sitting down today, unlike the last time I wrote … Continue reading Having Mercy #2 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

HAVING MERCY #1 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Mercy, I am resting my head on my pillow, crossing my legs and my hands are clenched; seeking comfort from the sight of the white ceiling. Its looking directly at me, this isn't comforting but I am starting to remember everything. Remembering my shivering hands while I typed what I wasn’t man enough to … Continue reading HAVING MERCY #1 by Okuwoga Eyimofe

Dear Dad #4

21/05/16 11:20pm Dear Dad, I miss you. I tell myself I'm better off alone, and I'll be stronger when I'm independent. But I really can't imagine life without you.I have imagined it,its not worth talking about. I spend a lot of my time thinking. .. well... worrying actually. You always tell me not to worry … Continue reading Dear Dad #4

Dear Dad #3

I remember one time when we both looked at a tree once but I wondered if we saw the same thing. Because you caught it down for a lemonade stall. Now I am thankful I own a lemonade stall but I guess you misinterpreted me saying, "I love this spot".

Dear Dad #2

Last week, I tried out black nail-polish but my skin tone doesn’t bring it out at all. That's technically your fault. Sometimes I get a little pissed that I'm not as fair as mum. I feel like night at day; I guess that makes two of us: It's not that bad; I love putting on my brothers' clothes... I seem to be living the dream around deep voices and crooked moustaches. it doesn't hurt to be different sometimes.