The Unknown Disciple, Ananias

Yes, It is only JESUS (through the work of the HOLY SPIRIT) that convicts us to repentance but it’s gracious to see that we can be partners of this great blessing of calling sinner to repentance. Brother Ananias: who neither failed nor was afraid as the Word of the Lord came boldly to Saul; a new life and light that sparked off the great movement in the conversion of gentiles.

Water: The UnNamed Woman of Samaria

BOND 271 Permission to speak freely, sir? Sir! I would like to address a character of fascination from the Bible. Name? Well sir, we were not given a name. She seemed to be popular at the time. She went by the description of "a woman". I'm certain it was a woman. Tall? Short? It’s hard … Continue reading Water: The UnNamed Woman of Samaria