POEM: FOR THOSE PEOPLE by Olatunde Obafemi

The point is, this poem is for those people who run away from succeeding by running on the wrong track. Who double their paces into hell in the name of 'living'.

A Kind of Prayer

In dire occasions of need, sometimes, the prayer you need to pray is to make a decision that would prove your loyalty to what is right, true and just as well as to who is right, true and just. In those moments, when said-decision is made, you are not just building your human-will to stand … Continue reading A Kind of Prayer

You need to Hug Jesus: A Comfort for Distress

Will it have been any different if I was born in the time of Jesus - well not in the same year so that I wouldn't be killed by Herod but - in the generation of Jesus? Would it have been any different if I attended one of his sermons personally or ate from the bread and fish he had multiplied to feed people? Would it have helped me believe if I witnessed a miracle of Jesus or if I saw Him crucified?

You Are by Olatunde Obafemi and Hillary Antibelle

You're the sun in my night Always make my day come to light You are the rainbow if I'm blind (You're) so colourful in my mind

God, we would meet by Olatunde Obafemi

4 cardinal points meet at my heart 3 Gods, in one: YOU formed me like art

“In Life and in Death” by Olatunde Obafemi

If it comes to life If it comes to death I don’t have to fear 'cause You are always here

Confessions: A Story of Ripped-Jeans by Olatunde OBAFEMI 

“All Writers are Ugly” by Olatunde Obafemi 

I repeat, I think it's time for writers to show the other side, ugly or uglier. We should be mortal sometimes, affectionate; show that things actually affect us just like they do to everyone. Writers are men....

Letters to Encourage Tunde II by Lari Atni

For me, He comes in a rumble of thoughts for you maybe, he'll come in your poetry: Using you to speak to you. He'll come as an angel, a bus driver or youll find Him some steps away from a cursing mother. My point is...