The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (6)

The Objection of Oration is simply states that you are unqualified to speak based on the absence of the knowledge of skills for communication, perhaps your lazy accent, the inability to articulate certain words properly, the terrible and attributive grammatical blunders, the errors which come with different speech names – varying across the assembly of speech communities.

When I say GOD, I always scream

It’s like holding boiling water in your mouth; it's like letting fire burn through your veins; it’s like looking at the sun without shades; it's like running away from a pacing lion; it's like listening to a barking dog, all-night; or it’s like climbing to the roof or building on a tree or waiting for loving parents to come home after a long journey. That’s the feeling.

BOND 112: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 4)

It occurs when our consciences judge us as unworthy to behold GOD. They wrap us in a filter of guilt and of filth. They bear witness to us that we are dogs, trampling on HIS Grace; that we are liars, denying the enormity of the process of HIS Grace; that by turning our backs to HIS Law of Love and love for the law, we have put a distance between our humanity and GOD’s Divinity.