I opine that for lack of contentment and also for a loss of understanding, Eve as GOD'sBondMan – or GOD's Bond Woman – tipped off the balance of life by upsetting the reason for life: obedience.


For bread is man and man is bread therefore it is not good that man should be alone and it is not good for man to live by bread alone and it is not good for man to live by man alone but by the Word of GOD from GOD to man and from the hands of GOD to the dough of bread.

Bond 109: Beholding the Unseen GOD

For the man who is now blind or gradually becoming so, because they see nothing about GOD, then there is no GOD because they cannot see GOD. It doesn't mean that there is no GOD, necessarily…

Believe II

Do you believe? Yes, I believe. Why do you believe? I believe because I can and I should thus I would. I was born to believe so I burn to believe. Believing – to me – is breathing to be. Believing – to me – is birthing to see. Believing – to me – is … Continue reading Believe II