GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage]

Bondage is knowledge even if it appears to be the absence of it. It is…knowing the truth but not living by it; it is beholding truth face-to-face but telling THE LIE. Even a master, over slaves, can be in bondage of freedom. Mate, if freedom burns you up like fire burns wood in sacrifice, you are in bondage.


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GOD’sBondMan: Ten [Blame]

Let's blame the prostitute for seduction or the desolate for being desolate. Let's blame the conquered for being conquered for allowing conquest get the better of them; let's blame repute and the predator lifestyle since survival picks whomever it deems worthy to save

GOD’sBondMan: Six [Self]

It is only self who knows how to fight GOD where it hurts. Who knows what to do to poke GOD in the eye and attempt to rubbish the vision of eternity. Who sees levity where there should be loyalty and who erupts strife against the life of GOD. This is the enemy.

GOD’sBondMan: One [Nothing]

From nothing, GOD formed me; from rumble and desolate space, GOD brought me; from painful and oppressive breathing, GOD bought me: every ounce of life is by GOD and there is no strife in this point of truth.

Psalm 18:2

The actual text is in italics and Bible Verses are from the KJV


Your skin became an altar With sacrifice upon sacrifice presented to God.


What is Prayer? Simple question: Prayer is hot but recently, its gone cold, buried (not because it doesn’t happen but it doesn’t occur the way it should).


Sometimes I ponder on what was as if it is and what would be as if it is but to be clear, I ponder on execution and the right for execution. In a tot: I sometimes question salvation; its utility; and its trueness to an unworthy soul as myself