A beautiful New Year to Everyone!

Greetings, 🤗😆 So I am honestly not the type to write a long message about the previous year or what the new year should be but I want to make an exception to thank all my readers from WordPress and beyond for being on this journey with me.🤗😇 It's been humbling, and enlightening and beautiful … Continue reading A beautiful New Year to Everyone!

The Affirmation of Truth

The thirst for affirmation is a journey where you know where you are going but not what you shall see as you go. It is also a motion of faith to an accomplishment of the substance which has been hoped for. To thirst for affirmation is to have hope and faith and trust.

I Do Not Know.

I do not know how the bones of my flesh were formed and who it was that taught me how to breathe. I do not know who taught my eyes to see and protect themselves as quickly as they are attacked.

Why GOD Does Not Work

Thus, if GOD is quintessential transaction then investment yields profit.

BOND 80: Playing GOD

It is important to know that man should not attempt to "help" GOD in the fulfilment of HIS Will BUT man should be available to be used by GOD in the fulfilment of HIS WILL.

Empty II

In the emptiness of self and the emptying gauge of man, there is a glimmer of hope and elevation which the man can see only when they are not filled with self.

God is not quiet.

GOD is not silent. GOD has never been and it is alarming to realise this that because we are not aware of a thing doesn't mean that said-thing doesn't exist.

The Plan of GOD

Sometimes, GOD comes as a baby – and I mean this in the most literal sense possible – appearing helpless to see what we know and can show about love. Sometimes, God comes as a broken phone screen or a wounded bird or a dying soldier, an eclipse of answers…

Translation of Belief

The truest test of belief and for the belief of a man is to treasure what you believe and cast the heart and mind and soul and strength to channeling it to becoming.