GOD’s Got Me

GOD gets to me in my memories, in my hate, in my love, in my joy, my pain, my tiredness, my cloudy days, dancing in the rain; in my hopes, in silence, in desire, in weakness, in my humanity, in shadows, in closed doors, in rocky mountain-climbs, in slow-paced walks, in daydreaming, in dusty road-paths, in words, in letters, in phone-calls, in conversations, in sounds going and coming, in regrets conquered by true faith, on screens, on keyboards, on empty papers filled with words later, on cold-nights.

The Conservatives’ Creed: Eight Lovely Christian Notions the World Hates (Part Three)

We look at the mirror, see the defects of sin but immediately forget what kind of wreck we are because we have – over time – been in the habit of ignoring the solution. That when GOD says a thing to us – in whatever way heaven pleases to say – we hear but we don't act on it. In doing this, continuously, we set a precedence of complacence and a fence of negligence such that we cannot even do a thing to save ourselves.

RE: What Have you Done?

BOND 289 This is an incomplete spoken-word poem (an impersonation): I’ve fallen/ I've sinned/ I've grinned at sin/ I’ve sinned and grinned/ (I’ve) been weaned but sinned. I've fallen/ I've risen/ Again, I hope to begin/ but being human is sick if I don't live, meek/ I have owed morality a great debt/ I’m shallow-minded … Continue reading RE: What Have you Done?

Bond 106: Repair

The very desires I mounted like Babel's tower building up to reach the root of YOUR Gates, to see YOU and conquer YOU in me have been confused and confounded. They have been washed away, scattered, disgraced, watered down and ruptured within since it is YOUR Grace that has been weeding them out of me so that I can please YOU – that YOU may be pleased with me, Amen.