But in this case of repercussions – which our choices present – there's this one thing I must reiterate because it seems you’ve not been listening. I'll say this slowly in hopes that sarcasm doesn’t get in the way. We are a preacher and not a performer and certainly not a perfumer. Our audience is GOD. What others get is what GOD GIVES.

Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons...well asking them to lay low for a while - at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher's s it borrowed on the way from hell.

The Virtues and Vices of Polygamy

Another point is that with polygamy comes the need to constantly judge – not just character but the array of choices. You'll need to know good and evil, good from evil and it goes on and on. Every contact has two sides…you need to decide on which is which. That’s the true conflict and it’s all happening inside you, first.