A con-man without the con 4

In being children of GOD, we must suffer reproach and loss as long as it is to uphold the gain of GOD's perfect Will. I counsel that we always give peace as an answer to violence. It serves as a lesson to us that our zeal must not be allowed to consume us; in all we do, we should put in mind that we carry a covenant of salvation and redemption as a blessing to the earth

A con-man without the con

I would want people to see me as a continuation (Exodus 3:6, 15; 4:5 and others alike) as one who received that covenant passed from Abraham (God's beloved) to Isaac (GOD's Choice) to me (GOD's servant). I would like to be seen so (Exodus 2:24; Leviticus 26:42; 2 Kings 13:23; Acts 7:8 and others alike). I would also like people to look beyond the issue of being a man who supplants (Genesis 27:36) or a wrestler (Genesis 32: 24 & 25) to being a human who strives, thrives and tries over and over again to please GOD and stay righteous (Genesis 35:2) by GOD's Standards.

The Burial of Moses: A lens on Consequence, Evidence, benevolence and Tense (Part One)

The FOURTH issue is that with contention comes a digression from progression to regret. Someone remembers the past and begins to not just doubt but specifically wish they had not known the truth or met the truth personified in JESUS; someone thinks they should not submit to GOS's sovereignty and in this, humanity begins a movement to accuse GOD: not by words, alone, but by actions or worse: by intentions which fight GOD more than we know.