I do not conform to ‘not conforming’. Not to say that I actually conform but to assert by conviction – beyond condition(s) – that I do not. In the essence of my thought, I do not consider conformity an option to be deviated from. It doesn’t exist or for better references to other realities, it shouldn’t exist.

I am however contented with space and design. By this, I mean that I don’t think outside the box. I know that there is a box, and I sit in it, I colour it with the colours of the universe and soon, my box is an endless space of designs I recreate such that every creation, not like the former, is self-defiant to the opposition of God and with the ability to serve it’s own purpose; sometimes, far greater than I had – from the onset – imagined. The reason for this adamancy is because soon, so many think outside the box and out-of-the-box is the new box, the infinite and boundless space becomes bound by a finite hunger to recreate from nothing. In the same way to be like God.

To create is not a flaw but to do so with a flawed hunger to outwit another is the flaw.

In the best design, I am not a supporter of competition. Not competition in the sense of development to learning but in the view of winning at the deliberate expense of another’s life. So, to live at the cost of another’s death isn’t actually living. This is my point of conflict.

Therefore, I don’t question for answer(s), by better reflection, I have come to an understanding that I am not wired to question what is the truth. And opposing the notion that one must question to find truth, I am persuaded that the truth lies in answering the questions of life and not necessarily in questioning for truth. My creation is not a question rather it is an answer to the challenge for which I was created. So this is my mindset, which is in the similitude of proffering solutions in the place of dwelling extensively on the problem.

This has thus formed my thoughts from tot to thinker alike. Perhaps this is also the reason why I demand to answer intentions more than the actions or their inaction counterparts. It is so, that I am aware that the action is only peaceable when the intention is truly peaceable and that even in a peaceable action or inaction the intention must be peaceable otherwise the action is in itself violent. This is also what has beamed my perception to contemporary struggles and movements: for as long as I consider you first a creation of God then a human being and subsequently as belonging to gender: male and female, I do my dealing with you as I would unto all that God has created bearing in mind the truth that God is in all that he has created.

By virtue of this, a consciousness to answer the call of justice isn’t solely by human law but by the conviction of the conscience. This is why conformity doesn’t exist because I recognize a higher place beyond conforming, beyond humanity and beyond the divisions of competition, prejudice and the Hunger to outwit God in others. This is the form off conformity.


Art by Khaled Dawa

No Shame by Olatunde OBAFEMI 

This feeble mortality was dusty, stinky and dingy from self-gratifying immorality:This feeble mortality was dusty, stinky and dingy from self-gratifying immorality:

I was naked in HIS Presence until HE became my covering and aided me; by HIS Essence I faded away from the weakness of my humanity. This feeble mortality was dusty, stinky and dingy from self-gratifying immorality: the reverse gospel that if self was peacefool, eternity was sure or if self was happyling (appealing) eternity was in store, bought. 

But I was destroyed until HE recreated me. Created a new creation: Me. Thus, in HIS Image, he forged me; in HIS Likeness HE purged me and emptied me of me until there was no me but just HIM. Today, Heaven, the HEAVEN, moves in-to this colony of worship, formerly known simply as ME. 
Although hated, I lived, now loved, I live. For He has written HIS Love in my heart and has smitten the adversary from above or beneath, so that all who were against us: “HIM and me” are now beneath, I mean, underneath HIS feet. “Sit”, HE said, “until I make your enemies your footstool…” 

Who would have thought that the same folks, pardon me, foes would be present as HE prepared a table before me. Me? Who am I? I am who HE says I am and who HE made. I am no longer afraid, no longer ashamed. I take root to this – in this – HIS Perfect Will from the beginning; so beginning from today, there is no shame to call HIM Father, Lover, Keeper and Messiah.


Olatunde OBAFEMI

OpenDiary: Creation

​Everything has been made perfect such that there is no deviation from this beauty. So that even in the visible chaos, there is a sublime order that creates within destruction.

The creation would always create because the creator created creation. There is God even in the smog and the still sea bears witness. The planets racing without collision are a testimony to the assurance that God, the creator, is in control; thus the rhythm to which the universe dances to.

So the heart would beat to the rhythm which it plays; to that rhythm which the creator taught it to play. The clay – called skin – will grow as it must: in the mist, the furnace or even within the crust.

The universe will dance to the music which the universe plays and to the silent music which groans within every ounce of breath which we share and rear deep in the rare air of supplication.

There is a God, the GOD; and our choice to ignore that is not a choice at all, it a delusion

So the first day of my rebirth is the reiteration that there is God and He is mindful of all things great and small.

WATER /’what,a/ WONDER

​This water is the land owner, there at creation; channelled like royal gold. It was like bed to the marooning of the Holy Spirit of God. It was not waste for it was, before there was light. This water was over the land, presiding in darkness but lord anyway. It had no gender but was submissive. This water heeded the word of God and knew its place, knew how to run its race, knew its boundaries with dominion and divinity. This water was solid in its field and cold, ice solid and firm for only before the almighty, did it kneel.This water was colour-friendly by being colour blind. This water was out of the blues and this is the beginning of our blue tail….tale. This is BLUeRRY goodness, it is FE-BLUE-ARY.