Why GOD is not the “Tool of GOD”

The purpose of the miraculous is to draw you back to the place you ought to be. The miracle is not its own finality.

The Truth About Lies

The lie is asking a round peg to fit into a square hole because it would be nice if it did. The lie is distorting order for the purpose of tasting the sweetness of disorder regardless of the after-state of bitterness and death.


I am grateful for beginnings; for the ends of beginnings, that is, for the purpose of beginnings; for beginnings: why and while they begin and end. I'm grateful for what I know and what I am knowing but most importantly for what I shall know. I'm grateful to GOD for being bound by the beginnings … Continue reading Grateful


I opine that for lack of contentment and also for a loss of understanding, Eve as GOD'sBondMan – or GOD's Bond Woman – tipped off the balance of life by upsetting the reason for life: obedience.


Such that all humanity was made to be Paradise in themselves – fulfilling the course of the cause of their existence: to live as GOD lives, to be bond to GOD – not as slaves but – as extensions of the Purity of Purpose in GOD…


If GOD has given life and the wealth of it, then I would not give death to that which has been given life by GOD.


For bread is man and man is bread therefore it is not good that man should be alone and it is not good for man to live by bread alone and it is not good for man to live by man alone but by the Word of GOD from GOD to man and from the hands of GOD to the dough of bread.


I dreamt and behold, I saw heaven: a stream of thoughts of peace, a presence of GOD upon the earth, a motion to save and complete the order of creation, to represent the Will of Truth even in the face of lies.

Bond 115: Dream 2

To the human, the attention of the mind should be to that which is the reason of your creation and nothing more or less.