Contention with Empty Pages: The Writing Process

In contending with Empty Pages, I've gotten a glimpse of what it must feel to contend with empty hearts or willing minds that are oppressed and in need of salvation. In fighting the emptiness, to take off the void, in thriving to establish the form which had been less – before now – I see a little piece of how GOD is willing to see to the human end that it meets the purpose of why all this began.

Answering the Question of HOW: A Letter

For the Christian, “how” addresses the process in its entirety and even though we can affirm that we would not know everything and the mechanisms that bring them, we are left to contend with the very crack in our faith when asked the process of it all. But not the Christian alone. Ask how the big bang happened...oh-yes, we are getting somewhere. You'll be asked how GOD happened, too, and then we can all begin to scratch at the very feebleness of our wits. But one of us would be closer if we took opposing sides – that's for sure.


There is this fear of the followers which guides them to protect the opinion of their leader. "The leaders has to be right,'' says the follower. If the leader is sane then we are sane for following a sane person. If the leader is foolish, then we are all fools one way or the other. The follower falls prey to defending the leader because in so doing, the follower is defended. If you strike the head, the body does fall and so the body defends the head one way or the other. If you want to dispatch the sheep, hang the shepherd. It happens to the best of us, when the integrity of the head is at stake, the body either defends the head or seeks ways to self-preserve the rest of the members. The best of humanity knows this: attack the problem and the symptoms shall flee. Elijah knew this when he challenged Baal through the Carmel Mountain contest.

A Narrative of Love

With the coming of GOD into the authority of our hearts comes the unveiling of the law of grace engraved in our consciences. In grace, we have this law and it is to love. In grace we have this law: to love GOD and then to love others as we love our own selves; to love life; to love the death that brings life in crucifixion; to love joy and the peace of truth; to love and to love for that is the new law.