GOD’sBondMan: Six [Self]

It is only self who knows how to fight GOD where it hurts. Who knows what to do to poke GOD in the eye and attempt to rubbish the vision of eternity. Who sees levity where there should be loyalty and who erupts strife against the life of GOD. This is the enemy.

GOD’sBondMan: Four [Thought]

For GOD prays not out of request (or debase divinity) but to command into being that which was nothing and void and formless. That ageless mechanism to converse with the uncreated until it is created, is the prayer which GOD prays.

GOD’sBondMan: One [Nothing]

From nothing, GOD formed me; from rumble and desolate space, GOD brought me; from painful and oppressive breathing, GOD bought me: every ounce of life is by GOD and there is no strife in this point of truth.

#5 Torn Paper: Truth

Truth is a living being, a quickening spirit, a dimension of the universe, the Voice of God. And truth cannot be quenched, nor stopped nor cropped off or questioned to silence.


Dear reader, I urge you to consider the high contemplation of the woman, (beautiful being made from man) - who is, too, man - as she beheld what seemed an explanation of the truth which the deception claimed that GOD hoarded. Featured image: "See" by Andreas Lie


To start the new year (14 days after) is a nonprosaic nonfictive essay on conformity and the challenge of form.

No Shame by Olatunde OBAFEMI 

But I was destroyed until HE recreated me. Created a new creation: Me. Thus, in HIS Image, he forged me; in HIS Likeness HE purged me and emptied me of me until there was no me but just HIM. 

OpenDiary: Creation

Day one: There is God - the GOD - and He is mindful of all things great and small.

WATER /’what,a/ WONDER

​This water is the land owner, there at creation; channelled like royal gold. It was like bed....