All Men Are Scum: Ellipsis

In the declaration, "men are scum", we have, in ourselves, an ellipsis of reality that we are all helpless and in need of saving; that daily, we groan with all creation, waiting to be annexed for the good that we were made to be. We say that there is more to all these that we find joy in and only if we could reach for that one thing. In saying we are scum, we are asking to be cleansed…

Preparing for the Messiah: Prophets, Prophecies and the Portrait

The role of the prophets were: to keep the hope for the Messiah alive; ensure that the sculpting by the law was in effect; and warned against leaving GOD which is the greatest evil to be committed. Yet the duties of the prophet are beyond this list but the emphasis of this bond is the role of the prophet to give a description narrative of/to the Messiah.


The need for the Messiah rises for the remission of sin which pays us our harvest of death; for the purpose of mediation – reaching back to the creator to be repositioned as representatives of HIS Will by the prowess of dominion; for reconciliation by which there can be no true mediation; for liberation from the evil nature of separation from GOD – which has been our end ever since we put an end to our lives in GOD.