#2 Torn Paper

For love is the offspring of trust. The bond that is thrust - upon whom is loved - is the ideal affection. I love because I have trust. For love entails sharing portions of your being with another.

God, we would meet by Olatunde Obafemi

4 cardinal points meet at my heart 3 Gods, in one: YOU formed me like art

Day6 – Forgive OR FORGRIEVE

I would have called a legion, just a legion of angels, to show them who they were messing with....


Water sunk the titanic in anger, feigned to defend its maker. When water breaks, there is birth, water is breath to the thirsty...

3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude III

Gauging the need for great gratitude.

​TWO PAIRS OF SHOES #writerwednesday

Once upon a time, two pairs of shoes walked a path, one went missing at....


The goal of Prayer is to have no goal but be in the gaol of His presence. Prayer is the warden in God's word, the platter filled of Heaven’s banter; with extra-toppings of...