BOND 122 – The Gospel: a manifesto for Christianity

And when the time was right, JESUS took the right of hell over every (hu)man who was and who shall be and delivered the conscience of humanity unto the moral grace of creation to decide for what is good or evil. That, too, is salvation.

Bond 114: Dream

I saw trees teach the human consciousness that one can remain where they have been planted in the course and sequence of living and still reach out to the tethers of purpose and be fulfilled.

Bond 107: Satisfaction

You cannot be satisfied with silence


You give reasons for being and why this is this and that is that and why this is not that or that is not this and you are fought for it. The very mention of being different in the way you are upsets the balance of this world. I observed more times than a dozen that in the very moment I say, “I love GOD, I believe GOD and I follow GOD because I trust GOD and GOD is to me as light is to see" the earth begins to rotate in a contrary sequence.