A Kind of Prayer

In dire occasions of need, sometimes, the prayer you need to pray is to make a decision that would prove your loyalty to what is right, true and just as well as to who is right, true and just. In those moments, when said-decision is made, you are not just building your human-will to stand as a wall or protection against vice(s): you are taking a stand, you are becoming defined, you are letting God know that you would stay true to His Will and plan for your life. This prayer – decision unto obedience – will be answered and not just heard.

  • Olatunde OBAFEMI





​Do you remember how the riddles go, how they tell it where I come from? It is a spectrum of self-declaration; like so:

I am something, I come down but never go up what am I?

I am rain!
So dear riddles,


I am something…when you break me I multiply; what am hIgh?

HIGH ON SOMETHING,  when I see darkness, I am enlightened, dot am I?

Hi, am something…when you deny me, I GrOw stronger, worth am I?

LIe am something, when I am forgotten, I linger in memory, hot am I?

Buy am something, when you steal from me, I remain still; but am I…?

Bhai, am something, when you loose me, I am present; caught am I?

I am some thin, when I am f@ I am full of a good heart, butt am I?

My yam something, if I fill you, I wouldn’t be empty, naught am I?

I am something when nothing, what (really) am I?


SO THIS WEEK, I WOULD BE HIGHLIGHTING THOUGHTS about Beauty. I know…what does a !( year old boy know about Beauty. But what does he not know? Read, to find out.

What is Beauty?

Beauty is not merely character; but there is a character of beauty: an algorithm of some sort, a code of behaviour. Beauty is (the) inside-turned-out, a piece of cloth pleasant in its innermost self. Beauty is the good-looking ugly-piece of existence. It’s a cliche to think that beauty is always beautiful. Sometimes, Beauty decides to remain coal instead of being burnt to Diamond. So what is beauty? Beauty is the warmth of acceptance and the crib of eternal pieces of light. Beautiful is in darkness when it is best served ugly; but beauty is in light when bold to be called ugly, long enough to find definition. Beauty is definition; like Who am I? – the answer is Beauty…beautiful, beautifully crafted.

UP-NEXT IS What makes-up beauty?