When the devil seeks to derail a soul with the quenching desire of this world, it is to take us away from the purpose of loving GOD with what defines us. When we love the world, we forget to love GOD, we forget how to love GOD, our love for GOD is not defined. The definition of love for GOD is found in loving GOD with our souls: loving GOD by being able custodians of HIS concept for our lives, loving GOD By keeping HIS thoughts in us, by dressing HIS life in us.

Answering the Question of HOW: A Letter

For the Christian, “how” addresses the process in its entirety and even though we can affirm that we would not know everything and the mechanisms that bring them, we are left to contend with the very crack in our faith when asked the process of it all. But not the Christian alone. Ask how the big bang happened...oh-yes, we are getting somewhere. You'll be asked how GOD happened, too, and then we can all begin to scratch at the very feebleness of our wits. But one of us would be closer if we took opposing sides – that's for sure.

Word-Association Game

I give you a word and you tell me the first word that comes to mind: Adam - misled Dying - payment Jesus - resurrection Crucifixion - cleansing Suicide - unfair Masturbation - self-ish Eve - mother Peter - church Sin - separation Eden - home Idol - forbidden Flesh - weak Forgiveness - strength … Continue reading Word-Association Game