Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons...well asking them to lay low for a while - at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher's s it borrowed on the way from hell.

“GOD demands A lot of Value”

When JESUS says we ought to love the LORD with all our mind, we are to love GOD with the consciousness of our life. We are to love GOD with the control of our lives. We are to love GOD with the drive of our lives, our motivation, our inspiration, our command of life. What we take charge of, our decisions, and what we set out to do should reflect the love we have for GOD.


When the devil seeks to derail a soul with the quenching desire of this world, it is to take us away from the purpose of loving GOD with what defines us. When we love the world, we forget to love GOD, we forget how to love GOD, our love for GOD is not defined. The definition of love for GOD is found in loving GOD with our souls: loving GOD by being able custodians of HIS concept for our lives, loving GOD By keeping HIS thoughts in us, by dressing HIS life in us.


When we love the LORD, our questions are not to demolish HIS person but to understand HIM for who HE is. We don’t need a condition to love GOD. We don't need to be out of our messy condition before we love GOD. Answered prayers shouldn’t be sole reasons why we love GOD. If our love is induced by some miracle and only by this miracle can we find love for GOD, we don’t really love GOD.


When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but its notifications are always buzzing - murder in Sweden, lying in Brazil, theft in Quebec, fornication in Pretoria, Masturbation in Abba. I need to make this statement again, I got distracted by the devil's buzzing phone. When we say we love GOD, we put the devil on notice but when we love GOD, we set the devil on (destructive) fire.

Love, GOD and Temptation

Do you agree that in the end, the end of a temptation is the beginning of remission? Do think temptation is a sickness or just treatment from the sickness of imperfection? Do you agree? Would it make sense to you if you saw temptations as exercising, or block-building on a playground? Do you agree that if GOD did not lead us to temptations to be tempted then the temptation is a distraction from the goal of glorification? You agree?