The House of GOD

For Jacob – after gaining consciousness from the vision in his slumber by night – it was certain, to him, that the place he slept was the House of GOD. His conclusion was that where GOD is and where GOD's presence is felt and experienced has to be the house of GOD. That’s one side of the narrative; consequently, GOD’s presence can be felt anywhere and everywhere so it is not necessarily a particular location (in this terms, physical), it goes beyond that.

What is the Goal of Man?

The goal of man answers to the intention behind the very foundation of creation. It is not enough to be aware of life or to beware that one is alive, it is not enough to know what one can do or that one can do as much as one wills and pleases, it is important – beyond the knowledge of life – that one is armed with the purpose and the intention for the creation of life.