19 yes we know that there is pain in the world and there are burdens that are felt but it is GOD who embellishes our followership with strength to overcome the pain of yokes 20 for HIS yoke is light and burden without regret 21 and the burden which we bear is but a testament to the suffering of JESUS 22 in us, we have the work of GOD working for us and through us 23 in GOD’s presence our woes on earth - which must come - would be unto us like days though they be the length of years

The Reason and Advantage for Walking with GOD

This is for the private moments when you ask why do you actually follow GOD or why you actually need GOD in life or why there is a need to follow GOD. For now – as time and the grace of the Holy Spirit would reveal more – here is why there is a need to walk with GOD: Walking with GOD provides the Man with…