What if GOD saw the world through you?

Does GOD feel pain the size of a mountain when HE looks at the world through your eyes or is it that the mountain is being moved with the faith like a Mustard seed – planted in your heart? Does GOD vex the word when GOD comes to the world through you or does the world vex you because it is GOD who flourishes through you? Does heaven know the road to your heart because it's been there so many times that it almost lives there or do angels have to stop and ask where to go though in order to get through to you?

Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons...well asking them to lay low for a while - at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher's s it borrowed on the way from hell.


However, JESUS could tell those who were following HIM for the right reasons and the parables were key to sieving them from those who followed for wrong and selfish reasons. It was an appetizer to some and to others, a buffer. However, this style of parables was also a reflection of HIS composition; it showed us that HE had the grasp of wisdom to condense the high value of GOD to the low person.


For the world, Noah was a mad man who thought it would rain when all we've ever had was dew; for the world, Abraham had to be very stupid to set off at dawn with the aim of obeying an unseen voice commanding him to sacrifice the child he waited over seven decades for. For the world, Jacob had to be very desperate if he thought his experiment with the sheep would actually work; or Joseph who let down a juicy affair in order to please 'GOD'…