Bond 129: JOSEPH, the godly

For the godly, sin is (great) wickedness to GOD. The excuse for sin is death. The reason to abstain from sin is not tied to the human understanding or preview of the consequences of said-sin but to the sovereign outlook of GOD.


For Noah, being mocked because of the gospel, persevered; because the truth of GOD's word is found in the impossible things of humans.

BOND 122 – The Gospel: a manifesto for Christianity

And when the time was right, JESUS took the right of hell over every (hu)man who was and who shall be and delivered the conscience of humanity unto the moral grace of creation to decide for what is good or evil. That, too, is salvation.

Bond 113: Expedience

For GOD’sBondMan, the pretext of every interface with life is if that which shall be done is ordained to be done. If it fits into the overall sketch of creation.

BOND 112: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 4)

It occurs when our consciences judge us as unworthy to behold GOD. They wrap us in a filter of guilt and of filth. They bear witness to us that we are dogs, trampling on HIS Grace; that we are liars, denying the enormity of the process of HIS Grace; that by turning our backs to HIS Law of Love and love for the law, we have put a distance between our humanity and GOD’s Divinity.

Bond 111: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 3)

GOD is likened to a tree and the root of it and we were all made to be part of GOD. We see the tree: the stem, the branches, the leaves but in most cases we do not see the roots and how far they stretch deep into the soil to seek nutrients and water.

BOND 104: Wrestling

This man – in moving hand-to-hand and face-to-face and thigh-to-thigh, deliberating with creator about the fate of creation in faith – receives that which gives meaning to being and it was made.


My fear is rooted deep in my belief, it is the mantra that without GOD, I am nothing and it is GOD who is the substance and bearing of whatever I have been and shall become.

BOND 102: Offering

Do you wish to surrender to GOD because this same GOD had – before sin – surrendered all HIS work, on earth, to you? Do you want to surrender all that HE saw was good and placed in your hands to do good for and with? If you should surrender then you shall surrender what … Continue reading BOND 102: Offering