GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage, Again]

The bondage is as bound as the bound is. But bondage goes as far as intention. It is the point where one can be good but if they are good for bad reasons, they are in bondage. If one does good for bad intentions, one is in bondage. If one is good for a bad course, said 'one' is in bondage. Bondage is not the absence of the want-to-do good but the inability to do so.

GOD’sBondMan: Eleven [Questioning Bondage]

Bondage is knowledge even if it appears to be the absence of it. It is…knowing the truth but not living by it; it is beholding truth face-to-face but telling THE LIE. Even a master, over slaves, can be in bondage of freedom. Mate, if freedom burns you up like fire burns wood in sacrifice, you are in bondage.

#5 Torn Paper: Truth

Truth is a living being, a quickening spirit, a dimension of the universe, the Voice of God. And truth cannot be quenched, nor stopped nor cropped off or questioned to silence.

Moses by Olatunde Obafemi

I throw shattered glass in the air