Dear reader, I urge you to consider the high contemplation of the woman, (beautiful being made from man) - who is, too, man - as she beheld what seemed an explanation of the truth which the deception claimed that GOD hoarded. Featured image: "See" by Andreas Lie

‘to GOD’, WUSE.

the reckoning took place in WUSE, ABUJA.

End NOTE on Art

It's fine to feel a little achieved after every moment of survival but learn to curb the ego, alter it a little, don’t give it an altar or the alter-ego takes over and soon, you cannot find your fingerprint even on your finger.


Your skin became an altar With sacrifice upon sacrifice presented to God.

You Are by Olatunde Obafemi and Hillary Antibelle

You're the sun in my night Always make my day come to light You are the rainbow if I'm blind (You're) so colourful in my mind

God, we would meet by Olatunde Obafemi

4 cardinal points meet at my heart 3 Gods, in one: YOU formed me like art

Letters to Encourage Tunde II by Lari Atni

For me, He comes in a rumble of thoughts for you maybe, he'll come in your poetry: Using you to speak to you. He'll come as an angel, a bus driver or youll find Him some steps away from a cursing mother. My point is...

OpenDiary: Creation

Day one: There is God - the GOD - and He is mindful of all things great and small.

Day 22 – CANdo

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20 KJV God can do everything we ask and think but He would because we have chosen to invest within. Its not enough to know the prowess of our … Continue reading Day 22 – CANdo