End NOTE on Art

Your art shouldn’t be dirty to be popular

You read that right! Even though people like a wayward art, they don’t take such down the aisle, to momma or to the school dance. In fact, if your art isn’t well-behaved or teaching others to be so directly or indirectly, your art is best placed in hidden corners. Your art is put up in dark places, cal de sac drug mafia kind of dark place and then if your art is hot, it begins to smoke, choke those who love it and if you don’t control yourself, you too begin to hate your art, and it would hate you so that you can’t tell others that this is my art. You would betray your art even without a kiss (not every one is bold like Judas) That’s the point where your art isn’t good to see so it becomes lonely, vomits a crime, is sent to jail and drags the family pen name into the mud: dust to dust kind of shame. Don’t be surprised to know that your art can commit suicide out of frustration.

Don’t be deceived,

Your art came with a Pride package.

It’s fine to feel a little achieved after every moment of survival but learn to curb the ego, alter it a little, don’t give it an altar or the alter-ego takes over and soon, you cannot find your fingerprint even on your finger. Your art become unrecognizable, it is yours but then again, it’s not yours. You cannot own it and so she elopes with her man who looks exactly like you but isn’t you. So when the writer’s block is over, she returns like a prodigal son. You must accept your art back with all of your heart. Then you must throw a party, write a cheque and write a paragraph, a stanza, a verse, a scene. Write quickly so she feels welcome. She… He… It doesn’t matter (Art has no gender)

The last thing I can remember for now is,

The art should have a God.

Not must but should. Here is the plausible list:

  1. God
  2. mammon
  3. and down to your self.

Your art must be owned and feel the need to be accountable.

Which bags the question of why is your art alive? for God, for money or for self. It’s the same thing as for eternity and an everlasting grid, for the end of the month and TGIF sensation or the ATM discharging moment, the grrrrrrr sound or for you. You are a bottomless pit so I don’t know what your art is for if it’s for you.

So on this note, I end this note…

the End.


To a Black Christian woman,

Your skin became an altar

With sacrifice upon sacrifice presented to God.

(like) A living slaughter

Made whole by the – not a – mortal cord

Made immortal in your heart by colours of you

When you tell your saviour, “you are all I want in you”

Dear Chocolate Chistian Woman,

Time doesn’t come late;

Only men do

And women too

But when Your Creator, you behold

It would be the sweetest taste to hold

Like chocolate

But with a better fate

photocredit: Black Christian Woman

You Are by Olatunde Obafemi and Hillary Antibelle

You’re the sun in my night

Always make my day come to light



You are the rainbow if I’m blind

(You’re) so colourful in my mind


You are the joy in my slow dance

The beauty in every glance


You are the rain up-on my dry earth

The purpose in every breath


And you are God


There’s no way to describe you, my Lord

You are everything and all things (are) by you

Even poetry can’t tell how you do

what you do

That’s who you are

Consuming fire

That’s who you are

The matchless power

That’s who you are

The faithful lover

And you are God

And you’re my God


You are light in my darkness

Strength for all of my weakness


You are answers to prayer

And to sickness, my healer


You are holy and loving

You are God and you’re sovereign


You are beautiful in all of your ways

And your mercies endure through all the days

(Of my life)


And you are God


There’s no way to describe you, my Lord

You are everything and all things (are) by you

Even poetry can’t tell how you do

what you do

That’s who you are

Consuming fire

That’s who you are

The matchless power

That’s who you are

The faithful lover

And you are God

And you’re my God


to be continued…


God, we would meet by Olatunde Obafemi

We met…

we melted into one: me

Me: wept and crept

underneath till YOU found me

We would meet again and again

taking away my pain

pourging away my stains

making me until YOU breathe me back into me

Clay, alive

5, a drive

4 cardinal points meet at my heart

3 Gods, in one: YOU formed me like art

2 eyes, mine, beheld YOUR glory in perfect sight

1 soul saved, mine, from darkness to YOUR marvelous light.

Letters to Encourage Tunde II by Lari Atni

Dear ‘Tunde,

We would find God in our silence, in the silence. At the Point where men fail or where it appears they succeed. You’ll find HIM walking in the peace of dancing trees and upon the sober face of the mountain wind. You’ll find Him in the market square, the jestars’ fun fair or in your closet. You’ll find Him everywhere if You know how He looks like. No man has seen God  but we can remember how He comes to us. For me, He comes in a rumble of thoughts for you maybe, he’ll come in your poetry: Using you to speak to you. He’ll come as an angel, a bus driver or youll find Him some steps away from a cursing mother. My point is, do not miss him when he comes. Be sensitive to every moment but be willing to let His Will be done. Remember its all about God, the day its not, then it’s naught. be Good.

From Lari Atni

OpenDiary: Creation

​Everything has been made perfect such that there is no deviation from this beauty. So that even in the visible chaos, there is a sublime order that creates within destruction.

The creation would always create because the creator created creation. There is God even in the smog and the still sea bears witness. The planets racing without collision are a testimony to the assurance that God, the creator, is in control; thus the rhythm to which the universe dances to.

So the heart would beat to the rhythm which it plays; to that rhythm which the creator taught it to play. The clay – called skin – will grow as it must: in the mist, the furnace or even within the crust.

The universe will dance to the music which the universe plays and to the silent music which groans within every ounce of breath which we share and rear deep in the rare air of supplication.

There is a God, the GOD; and our choice to ignore that is not a choice at all, it a delusion

So the first day of my rebirth is the reiteration that there is God and He is mindful of all things great and small.

Day 22 – CANdo

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
Ephesians 3:20 KJV

God can do everything we ask and think but He would because we have chosen to invest within. Its not enough to know the prowess of our heavenly father, it is crucial to develop the potential He placed within us. He is willing to grant us our desires and do so exceeding all measures of our expectation.

But it is a principle, which depends on the power which works in us. What power works in you, in us? That power is that which drives you, drives us. What drives you? Your drive and aim in life is the propelling force of attraction to a life of abundance or retraction otherwise.

Therefore, let your mind be placed on things which are good, acceptable, and perfect, in the will of God. Only then would He do what you have kindled within, thus, bring to a manifestation only that which is good and in His Will for you. Let His Will be in You and let it drive you.



But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

1 John 2:20 KJV
From this scripture, it appears that when we come face to face with challenges bigger than ourselves, the first thing is not to fret or worry about the implication or the need for innovation but to simply remember God. 

John reminds us that we have the ability and endowment to know all things and this comes from God. In other words, God doesn’t withhold things from us, we simply don’t connect properly to Him. 

Sometimes, we doubt that we know what we know. We doubt His forgiveness, His Love, His presence always being with us. There is, therefore, no situation too big to be handled with this unction from the Holy One, no test or exam too hard, no responsibility too high, unreached. I challenge you today as I have been challenged, to uncover this unction as powered by the Holy Spirit and walk in the manifestation of one who knows all things because God reveals them appropriately. 

So receive God today if you haven’t, come out of the ignorance and into the light of knowing all.

JESUS: Before GOD and man – Preview

…And referring to Jesus, who was God, yet he prayed. Per chance in the greatest of all human agony. Blood and sweat were mixed in a service of songs till concrete requests were addressed. 

God, dressed as man, bore the pain of man as man. 

The paradox was unorthodox yet a promise was set for the race, to perhaps evoke grace. The highest motif was to nationalize the human race into God’s-Race: Grace. The fourth temptation was set by self, the belief in feebleness OVER faith, left the heart speculating the fate of a mission impossible. The fourth temptation was doubt.

Thou art man, know thyself. 

Yet in buoyant minutes between leaves of denial, Man challenged God to a test, first time mortality looked upon the unseen.

“Not my will but yours be done”. 

He envisioned as the flesh was torn, marking the final defeat of the lusts of the flesh: to be lost forever. The panting was bruised and blood covered his vision to a stagger, the lust of the eyes were dismantled and upon this skin, newness wore a mantle. 

In this grief, grief grieved as joy was enjoined, till the soul enjoyed every bit of the shame.

In reverse turns, he spoke appraisals to God. God and man met by hands of God, outstretched. A signature of worship was signed, a recording deal was asserted but it seemed His praise had no rhythm to raise his supplication but in the mask of disorder, the other part of His essence: His presence spoke a better plea than Abel’s blood. 

God didn’t sound good to man but neither did crucifixion, even Satan, for the first time was out of the loop and found no loop-hole until God recovered the dominion he stole from the beginning Of human times. 

This testimony smelt like the blood of God, spilt on wood: crossed by the incense of burnt sacrifices.

And soon, first hand, God spoke to God in words only eternity could interpret. As the jury of mercy and love filed in favour of a rhythmless lesser God: man. This sentence is well punctuated until a period of rapture, where all words and wards of God would be taken home from this school: earth; where we have learnt how Abba was and is our measure of love