The Need for Identity in the Course of Christianity

Even though the message is greater than the messenger – but not the sender, who is GOD – identifying the messenger grants a subtle validation to the message. For example, the guiltless can’t speak of guilt in good faith just as the atheist cannot say that “GOD is good” and remain as they are.

“Where are you?”

We've all been you are; listening to this or reading this. We've all ran away, curled into our shells in hopes of self-preservation as the nearest form of salvation. We've all left where we were or where we were kept; we've all been displaced, dislocated (not by bone alone but away from joy or the magnitude of peace). We've all been distant from GOD and it’s always by our own making.


Can we run away from temptations? Yes, but we shouldn't because temptations help us tell our proximity to truth, our age in the reprise of faith, our inner state to GOD, our remote state that we are ready to be used by GOD – upon completion; they tell the enemy to be clear because nothing they do can derail us and nothing new can impale our thinking which is set on GOD.

Sir, I feel More Undeserving

Sir, I am daily more undeserving…I…at least...I feel that way, I live so, too. No…it is not my misled way of looking down on salvation. On the contrary…I presume it is because I take the gospel and it's saving so highly that my flesh suffers its due reproach. Yes...I think all men and women are … Continue reading Sir, I feel More Undeserving