Recognising “GOD” in the crowd

Peace, the devil is equally praying, the devil is casting out demons...well asking them to lay low for a while - at least. The devil is also speaking in new languages and groaning and drowning in the waves of ambition and admiration. CONFLICT says the devil cut its horn, trimmed its tail and is eating elegantly with his pitchfork and a butcher's s it borrowed on the way from hell.

The Reality of Absurdity: praise for Nudity (An interview) 2

what was the implication of that? Was it seduction? Was it for the purpose of sexual intoxication? Was it for go and human glorification? Did JESUS do that to be acclaimed beautiful? Did HE affirm beautification from nudity? The concept of nudity at crucifixion - with specific emphasis on garment, being cast lots upon, was to fulfil prophecy (Psalms 22:18).