The Sheep, the Lost Sheep and other sheep of the Messiah

The focus of the Messiah – humble shepherd and guide – is the sheep, the lost sheep and the other sheep. All sheep would be saved (if they want: accept to the saved), brought to the fold under one guide and true protection and led into the bliss of eternal fellowship with the creator. That’s the aim of salvation.

I don’t know the LORD.

Because Pharaoh did not know the LORD, when the LORD said, “let there be…” he said, “why should there be?” all those who question GOD to put off the flame speaking to them do not know the LORD. Then again, they do not want to know the Lord. If so, they wish, by influence the enemy of their souls, to perish from lack of knowledge.

What “Freedom By GOD” means

For Moses, it was getting the children of Israel free from Egypt; for you it is setting your heart free from thoughts of oppression; for me it could as well be letting go of the imaginations of suppression and aggression to the peace of GOD. In all cases, GOD Is in the business of liberation. From bond of hell to bond of heaven. From hard labour of strange life to the labour of ordained life.